John Legend and Chrissy Teigen announce they are fathers via surrogate pregnancy

chrissy teigen And John Legend is back to be a priest. The couple welcomed a new baby born via surrogacy five months after the birth of their last daughter, Esti.

Teigen made this baby surprise announcement via an emotional post on her Instagram account: “A few minutes before noon on June 19th, I could see the most beautiful woman, my friend, our aqua mother, give birth to a child in the midst of a little turmoil, but with strength and pure joy and love”, Legend also shared a message on his social profiles celebrating the birth of “.your new love,

Teigen publishes photos of the baby and tells the story of his birth, in addition to referencing his family’s joy for Estee’s arrival, is still healing the experience that I had to lose a child in 2020. Luego revealed that “after losing Jack, I didn’t think I’d be able to have more children.

The singer claims that “travel” in 2021 began expanding the family through rental packages, so he contacted an agency to ask about “maybe having two rental packages at once, so that each one is ours.” Liye un nino or una nina sana laaye.” Somewhat like twins”. “At some point, early in our surrogate pregnancy journey, I left a therapy session, came down the stairs and told John: ‘I want to try to get pregnant again.’ worse”, I explained. And he added: “I promised I would recover from what happened. I remember saying I couldn’t ask myself for the rest of my life whether I should have tried it again”.

It was then that the couple had undergone an in vitro fertilization treatment: “El mismo processo que nos dio a nuestros hermosos luna y miles”, and I had worn Enero a la Hasta a few days earlier, one of the family, Asti. Furthermore, he assured that when he met one of the tenant’s mothers, he felt “from the moment we talked to her, it was the perfect match for us”. He added, “As we neared our embarrassment safe zone, we were overjoyed to learn that Alexandra had been embarrassed by a child. Our little child.”

The newest member of the Legend and Teigen family joins their brothers Luna, who is 7; Miles, 5, and Estee, 6 months. Teigen wrote an essay in 2020 about the experience of losing her son, Jack.

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