João Azevedo attends a concert by the Orchestra Sinfonica da Paraíba with singer Santana in honor of the 438th birthday of João Pessoa

Governor João Azevedo honored on Saturday night (5), the birthday of João Pessoa, the great meeting between the Symphony Orchestra of Paraiba (OSPB) and Santana, o Cantador. The concert, held at the Praça do Povo in Espaço Cultural José Lince do Rego, is part of the state government’s tribute to 438 years of Paraíba’s capital.

Accompanied by First Lady Ana Maria Lins, the head of the state executive was welcomed by Santana to his dressing room, on which occasion he talked about music and new government projects to further strengthen the cultural sector in the state.

Shortly before the concert, João Azevedo expressed a sense of happiness for the work done by the state government. “Yesterday, we had an intense program of deliveries: ten buses equipped with state-of-the-art technology to improve the mobility of the population of the metropolitan area, to the Fanad school for people with special needs, to the Casa da Ciudadania of Valentina and the neighborhood of Cruz das Armas A beautiful square in, in addition to the delivery of 64 apartments. And, tonight, another great tribute to João Pessoa, with a concert that unites the best in scholarly and popular music with the great Santana. These sections are part of our management and that makes me extremely happy”, he said.

Welcoming Governor João Azevedo, singer Santana talked about the expectations for the show. He commented, “It is the first time that I have had the pleasure of being with great musicians. A wonderful moment and I hope it pleases.”

Shortly thereafter, Governor João Azevedo and First Lady Ana Maria Lins graced a performance by the Balao Nordeste Symphonic Orchestra, featuring singers Hélène Cristini, Béla Raine and María Camila – the first highlight of the night at Praça do Povo. A crowd.

The gathering of OSPB and special guests is already part of the calendar of events to celebrate the anniversary of the capital of Paraíba, as a way to appreciate the culture and roots of Paraíba and the Northeast. Among the guests, names such as Paralamas do Sucesso, Genival and João Lacerda (2019) Catia de França (2022), as well as Zelia Duncan (2015) and Zé Ramalho (2016) have been included.

Santana enthralled the audience visiting Praça do Povo in Espaço Cultural with famous songs: “Paraiba, joia rara”, “Tareço e Mariola”, “Tocando em frente” and “A naturalza das Graças”, among other musical classics. Northeast corner between

Following an OSPB concert with singer Santana, the night concluded with DJ Furmiga Dubs, who included his mandolin and his set filled with popular culture influences. Admission was free, but the organization asked people to bring one kilo of non-perishable food, the collection of which would be donated to institutions serving those in need.

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