In the sixth classification of ‘Canta Comigo Teen’, the candidates sing and mesmerize the hits of Backstreet Boys, Fat Family, Revelation, Lady Gaga and the unforgettable Rita Lee.

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This Sunday, 06/08, will air the sixth qualifying of the music program led by Rodrigo Farro and Titian Pinheiro. candidates for sing with me teen Everything provided in interpretation of hits from great national and international singers like Lady Gaga and Rita Lee.

Among the hits selected are: “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” (Christina Aguilera); “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys); “Yu Nao Vou” (Fat Family); “It is written” (Revelation); “Poker Face” (Lady Gaga); “The world is a mill” (Cartola); “God Is a Woman” (Ariana Grande); “Esse Tal De Roque Enro” (Rita Lee) and (You Make Me Feel) A Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin).

A special event that stunned the judges with an epic show that left everyone in attendance in awe. In the sixth episode, kids and teens will give their all in the competition and show their musical talent by singing and interpreting different styles and rhythms. The goal is to impress the contest’s 100 judges, who can stand and sing along with the contestants if they like their performance. The more judges standing, the more points the participant can earn. The winner of the contest will receive a prize of BRL 200,000.

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