How to cook a healthy dinner for 105 pesos and low in protein?

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When a person is exercising, one of the things that is difficult to follow is the diet.

For the first week, they eat lettuce, spinach, and an endless supply of salads with a wide variety of fruits, but then they return to fats harmful to the body.

That’s why we’re going to give you a healthy taco recipe that you can accompany. even with beer and dessert without guilt.

Prepare this healthy recipe for 105 pesos.

If you’ve come to the gym to fulfill your New Year’s Eve 12 Grape Wish and start eating right, then you must make this recipe.

According to the user of the social network “Andrea Aldana”, you can cook with it 105 pesos.


  • Tuna: 20.90 pesos
  • Green tomato: 4.50 pesos.
  • Onion: 6.14 pesos
  • Non-alcoholic beer Heineken: 17 pesos.
  • Cilantro bouquet: 9.90 pesos
  • Chile Serrano: 0.43 pesos.
  • Carrots: 0.97 pesos
  • Tortillas: 5.50 pesos.
  • Paprika: 20.61 pesos
  • Avocado: 11.29 pesos.
  • Egg: 2.50 pesos.
  • Oatmeal: 3 pesos
  • Striped coconut without sugar: 3 pesos

Are you going to cook green chilli tomatoes 10 minutes, when they are ready, mix them with a piece of onion and boil again.

Then you disinfect cilantro and, together with another piece of onion, cut into small squares.

Put the tuna in the pan and add a lot of paprika and that’s it, you’re serving avocado in tortillas and you’ve got a taco with cilantro, onion and green sauce.

For dessert:

Place the egg, grated carrot, oatmeal, 1/3 milk, grated coconut and put this mixture in the microwave for two minutes, dividing into one and one. So you get Biscuit.

Accompany this with beer and you’ll have a healthy dinner with 33 grams of protein and a quick dessert.

with this recipe no excuse say that there is no cheap and tasty dinner.

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