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It has been a complete success globally. Australian actress margot robbie She has added a new hit to her cinematographic career with her stunning interpretation of the most famous lady of all time, ‘Barbie’. as well as actor Ryan Goslingwhich is on the skin of the personality ‘ken’Has established herself as one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood.

The strap, starring both the actors, has been breaking records since its inception Has achieved over $750 million in recalls, a fact that I would have never imagined the actress to be as her beginnings are far removed from the ‘pink’ world that the film depicts. It’s bad that, as revealed by Robbie, ‘Jamas ha tenido ni jugado una muneca barbie’,

a difficult childhood

Margot Robbie was born on July 2, 1990 in the Australian city of Dalby. The actress is one of the three daughters of a physiotherapist Mary Kessler and magnate Doug Robbie, The interpreter’s childhood passed on a farm in the Australian municipality and when he was only five years old his parents abandoned him, all he saw was a boy. was forced to combine his studies with various jobs to help with the family economy,

Lejos de la Fama and Glimpses that Today reports on her dedicated career as an actress, Robbie I worked as a floor cleaner, surfboard saleswoman, model, television commercial or cameraman at the famous ‘Subway’ catering chain., As he declared, the fact of working during adolescence offered a change in the way he looked at life.


At the age of 17, the actress was discovered by a talent agent Greg Tishing, who had seen her perform at a theater in Melbourne, the city she had moved to in search of a better acting career ahead of her time. The versatility of the actress on the table captivated and set the goal of raising young Robbie’s career to the highest point.

At first, he acted in a few works for Australian television. series like ‘neighbours’ In which it worked at a rapid pace and aired more than 8,000 episodes in 37 seasons. This television appearance began to put his name in the corridors of the ‘Fábrica de Sueños’ production orders.

Sharon Tate to Naomi LaPaglia

In 2013 he presented one of his first successes on the big screen. This was the root of his paper as La Explosive Naomi Lapaglia In the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, Robbie captivates onlookers as sensual couple in hallway at Bolsa Jordan Belfort, played by actor Leonardo Dicaprio. In that film, the most moving scene remains in Retina, in which the pair’s daughter plays in the fourth part, The two characters engage in a conversation where sexual tension ensues, which results in no,

Photogram from the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

Four years after his role as the provocateur Lapaglia, Robey transformed his cinematographic record and his interpretation as a skater. Tonya Harding Criticism hindered. lease ‘Yo, Tonya’ It was one of the most special for her and playing the role of a female player was valuable for her to get nominations in Oscar Awards. “His condition was terrible, he was very young and he did not have a mother to support him. He was probably the first person who asked me what it takes to become famous”, the Australian revealed after wrapping up the strap. Which reflects the rivalry that existed between Harding and skater Nancy Kerrigan.,

On a training outing for the championships, in which Plaza played for the Winter Olympics, an unknown assailant attacked Kerrigan, hitting her on the right stick with an extensible whip. Police learned that the attack was planned by Harding’s ex-husband. Its intention was to get rid of its main rival,

In 2019 I put myself under filmmaker’s orders Quentin Tarantino on lease ‘Get your job done in Hollywood’, Which is based in 1968, the year when the hippie revolution, the appearance of cults and the fame of a so-called young actress took place in the city of Los Angeles. Sharon Tate, Precisely, as interpreted by the Australian. Next to the actors Brad Pitt and, again, next to DiCaprio, Robbie cast herself in the role of the ill-fated interpreter and wife. Roman PolanskiWho was brutally killed by some members of the Manson family.

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate.

After this, Legerón Los Personajes de la Dr Harlern Francis Quinzel most known as Harley QuinnJoker’s lover and Suicide Squad member, Young calla pospisil on lease ‘scam’a task shared with actresses Charlize Theron or Nicole Kidman In a strap that condemns sexual harassment by some filmmakers and which I put up to show the #MeToo movement.

A still from ‘El Escandalo’.

Too Valerie In the movie ‘Amsterdam’ hey Nellie LaRoy on lease ‘Babylon’. A list of various roles including the story’s most famous Muneka character conquering the big screen and with whom Robbie never had the opportunity to act is summarized.

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