Health and Consumer is investing over $3.2 million to reform Torrecardenas Hospital.

The Ministry of Health and Consumption has invested over 3.2 million euros for the reform of the surgical unit and the pain department of Torrecardenas Hospital.. In particular, the cost of works and equipment for the new surgical block is 2.5 million euros, to which must be added 220,000 euros invested in air conditioning for major surgery ambulatory (CMA). In short, the renovated area in the new Surgical Building is 800 square meters. Likewise, the investment in the new Pain Unit exceeded €504,590.

Thanks to these performances the hospital went from 17 operating theaters to 21which made it possible to put an end to the deficit that made it impossible to have a clear scheme of the Big Ambulatory Surgery, since now it has its own area and four operating rooms.

New surgical department for major outpatient surgery It consists of four intelligent operating rooms and a ten-bed differentiated wake-up areaand a direct and independent connection to the maternity hospital floor, also recently refurbished for CMA.

The independent circuit for CMA has a direct connection to the Surgical Unit, which allows you to prepare patients before the intervention and accompany them in the subsequent recovery, counting on this with two new halls for 20 seats (10 for men and another 10 for women) and 18 positions in separate rooms.

Also, the new Pain Unit has increased the space by almost five times it has increased from 65 to 323 square meters. Thus, residents of Almería now have an adequate pain unit in well-lit rooms with direct access for outpatients.

This block will house a waiting room and a reception desk; three medical consultations; A medically supervised treatment room with direct viewwhich includes a total of eight armchairs and four beds; medicine preparation room and multifunctional storage room.

Some large-scale works that make the Hospital de Torrecardenas a benchmark of public health in Andalusia and demonstrate the commitment of the Andalusian government to the province of Almería.

In fact, if between 2011 and 2018 investment in health care in Almería reached 42.5 million euros, between 2019 and 2022 it reached 75 million euros. This year’s investment in the province is about 115 million.. All this means that in five years the Andalusian government has invested 170% more than previous leaders in eight years.

A clear commitment to health, which also manifests itself in increase in the number of specialists public health system in Almeria, which is currently 8,780 specialists, which is 2,073 specialists more than in 2018.

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