Good news for Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man 4

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Tobey Maguire dress up Spider Man in the year 2007After the premiere of its third delivery… which will not be the last. spider man 4 It was announced to premiere in 2011, but was soon canceled. However, the actor returned to play the beloved protagonist and arachnid Spider-Man: No Way Homewho saw the light in december 2021, And for fans of Marvelitas after his return a fourth film could be very close again.

At least one of its actors has been suggested by ASI spider man 3, Thomas Haden Church, who hates life there ring man on that lease he gave an interview to comic book he left to fall spider man 4 may turn into reality under the leadership of a new Sam RaimiWho directed Doctor Strange en el multiverso de la locura for Marvel Studios.

“Siempre he Sirtos… I’ve heard rumors… that Sam Raimi is going to do another (Spider-Man film) with Tobey Maguire)”, The interpreter appears. Such words, while not confirming that the project is underway, suggest that talks are due at some point.

“If it does, then maybe I’ll have at least one cameo campaign“, Church added. His character also returned Spider-Man: No Way Home As one of the villains who travels the universe of the Arachnid version tom holland, this Peter, with them Maguire and Andrew GarfieldManage to heal and turn him back to good before sending him back to his reality.

sin embargo, las escenas del ring man Except for his dialogues, he was not shot by the church. For this reason, the Persona always appears with its sandy form, and only a human face is visible in its final scene, since sony pictures Filmed material reused from spider man 3,

At the moment, the studio cannot start spider man 4 due to this Battle of screenwriters and actors Which are currently implemented in Hollywood. However, once those are finished, it is possible that the company will decide to greenlight the film, which will make fans very happy. Maguire’s superheroes, yes it’s fine as i want Garfieldmuch celebrated, so it would not be inappropriate Sony If you are getting rid of this possibility.

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