gets into an accident and ends up in the hospital

Concerned about the health of a former employee of “Save me”: she has an accident and ends up in the hospital

Although Salvame has gone down in history, his former employees continue to give people something to talk about. And it’s that two of them had a skirmish that They realized on social media that this explains the not-so-good relationship that exists between them: “Clueless.”

Rescue Me is a Spanish television program broadcast on Telecinco. It began its broadcast in 2006 and has since become one of the most popular and controversial entertainment programs on Spanish television. Program focuses on gossip and current affairs of the heartand its format has been copied by other programs around the world.

Sálvame’s success is partly due to its unique format, which combines attention to current events from the heart with a passionate and sometimes controversial style of debate. The presenters and participants of the show are known for their direct and its ability to generate contentious discussions. In addition, the program also includes live broadcasts from the street and interviews with celebrities and experts on various topics.

Sálvame Leading Team consists of a diverse group of personalities, from journalists and presenters to actors and TV presenters. These speakers and contributors are known for their focus on current affairs of the heart and their ability to spark passionate discussions.

Over the years, “Save Me” has been the subject of controversy due to its focus on the private lives of celebrities and how gossip and current affairs of the heart are dealt with. Many critics argue that the show makes a splash and uses people’s privacy to increase audiences. However, other proponents argue that Sálvame offers a unique look into the heart of today and is a reflection of popular culture.

In the hospital

The morning was very busy for Adriana Abeniya, who was in a domestic accident, because of which her fans are very worried about her. The actress posted a disturbing photo to her social media of a bandaged right arm and a bloody T-shirt, the result of a cut to her wrist caused by a broken ceramic plate.

Fortunately, medical assistance was provided immediately, and Abeniya was quick to thank the staff of the University Hospital of La Paz for their efficiency and promptness in their treatment: “I want to thank the University Hospital of La Paz for the love, speed and calmness they provided. tried to pass it on to me after they cut my wrist at home,” he wrote, recalling that just a few days ago he enjoyed a beach holiday with his family.

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