Four months after the crime of necrophilia, no one has been arrested…

When the body of 20-year-old Shakira dos Santos was exhumed, traces of sexual abuse were found in it. (Photo: Reproduction/TV Gazebo)

Pindare-Mirim – Four months after the case of necrophilia that happened on April 29 this year in Pindare-Mirim, in the interior of Maranhao, no one has been arrested. Police also say that no suspect has been confirmed yet.

At that time, the body of 20-year-old Shakira dos Santos was found outside the grave, without clothes and with signs of sexual abuse. The girl was buried four days ago on April 25. A report by the Civil Police confirmed that someone had dug up the body for sexual use.

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Police reported that a genetic test was carried out and this material would be used to trace the author of the crime. However, no arrest has been made in connection with the case so far.

According to Representative Carlos Magno, several factors make the investigation difficult, among them the lack of security at the Municipal Cemetery of Pindare-Mirim. On the day of the crime, there were no guards or security guards at the scene. Furthermore, the walls of the cemetery are low and the gate is open.

Police have made available a hotline (181) and a WhatsApp number (98 99224-8660) for anyone who can provide information that would help solve the crime. The source will be kept confidential.

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