Fortnite will have a virtual museum in memory of the victims of the Holocaust



Fortnitepopular battle royale game from epic gamespostpone the dance to open virtual museum dedicated Holocaust victimsin order to further educate people about the genocide of the Jews.

Holocaust museum in Fortnite this is the brainchild of Luc Bernard, the developer who created the game Light and darknesswhich also aims to raise awareness of this dark passage in history.

To make this happen, Bernard and his team used Publisher Epic Games Unrealwhich allows you to create your own worlds in the game (it’s not on the main island), but anyone can access it.

Bernard said that the goal bring this information to millions of Fortnite playersMany of them would probably never visit Holocaust museums.

He also said in an interview euronews who aspires to achieve younger video game audience and also to fight the negative theories that exist on the Internet.

Fortnite Holocaust Museum

Fortnite Holocaust Museum

When can you visit the Fortnite Holocaust Museum?

Epic Games has already approved the museum, but it’s not in Fortnite yet.

As soon as the company launches it for the whole world, you will be able to visit it using the card code that 4491-8501-3730.

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