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World Youth Day, which our Catholic priests celebrate these days in Lisbon, is showing signs that Christofascism is being reborn with youth in Spain and in the secular world. Los niños no longer suben las hummocks esa horterada de cancion que dacia “We offer you, senior, nuestra youth”. Ahora chantodion un impetuous “que te vot texapote”. And, proudly, on TikTok and Instagram (cue la rai absuelva mis sines).

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Ayer the same, already not on his network, but on a Portuguese television interviewing him, the Spanish Catholic youth’s speech to the international press was as follows:

-¿Estas bien aqui? (asks the reporter).

-Calmness. Go to other cities and they are full of French people and…

– Jajja.

-Here’s mucha union española con agua y refrescos.

-¿Queles son vuestros (don’t know what) to come here?

– Go on Misa… Eh.

,a girl cutting fierce rice) Go to the Hakuna concert and visit Misa. And confess! Estos dos ojos han visa al papa.

-Yo no lo he podido ver. It was very close.

– Yo lo he felt. I have not seen it.

– Come on you vote for Txapote! -He snatches Rubella from the journalist’s microphone to demonstrate his Catholicism to the world.

– Viva Espana – everyone shouted.

you can watch the video HerePer se dudais de la intelligence de nuestros neocatechumens.

But what impressed most of our discerning Christian souls was hearing her sing face in the sun, if a fashion statement face in the sun Mappilas among our youth. I’ll bet – with a losing streak – that none of these canary dogs know what they sing about. They are fascist by fashion. For aesthetics and ignorance. Son el futuro de un mundo que eschews evolution and wants to return to primates based on anticipating aging.

All these people adore Quentin Tarantino and they’re happy to see Brad Pitt shave Nazis’ hair very bastard, He is also the successor of his father and the abuelos, so I don’t make generational distinctions. In their huge rite of passage, they didn’t know that Brad Pitt Tarantiano would also cut his hair. by the fascists and by the Nazis.

Because he face in the sun It is an anthem inspired by a fascist and Nazi named José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

Since the study of history in Spain is considered an affront to patriotism, it must be remembered that José Antonio Mussolini was a staunch supporter of Adolf Hitler and the extermination of the Jews, as shown only by going to the newspaper libraries, consulting them . ABC Then. In 1933, el absinthe I maintained a public correspondence with the then director, Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena, at Torcuetiano Diario. The journalist, an innocent Catholic, asked the creator of the Falange: “¿By what means, by what processes does Spanish fascism aspire to win power?”. Do you know that these means and procedures were blood, not ink, they were dead, no thought, they were cruelty, not dialectic.

Ale face in the sun It is born out of a sweet culmination of violence and, in a more linguistic sense, a lack of culture. And this is what he wrote to people who illustrated such as the novelist Agustín de Foxa (whom the Fachas did not read, because they did not read anything), Dionisio Ridruejo (whom the fascists did not know, because they read) Were. practice the word) and the composer Juan Telleria (who wrote the first music in honor of the Basque city to encourage nationalism).

But this silly hymn has the stupidest and most poorly written poem I’ve ever read in my life: “Me vendra la muerte si me lleva”. Hombre, JA, C Te Vienne, Te Lleva, Y C Te Lleva, Te Vienne. There was no dearth of so many poets for so few literary saddlers.

All these things in Sabais and Vuestros Hijos Tamboco. And if you notice them. So I hid my lauded and lousy Brad Pitt hair.

We don’t have to worry too much about the Nazi hymns our Catholic youths sing in the name of God. This happens in all cultures. uncultured. In those days of Catholic youth, some boys and girls who were not very dark in complexion tried to force a Chawla to remove the LGTBI flag.

-“There is no forgiveness before…”.

-I can hear it.

-no you can not.

You can be here, no te decimo que, only no flagera.

you can watch the video Here,

You can wear a cross, but not a harmless multicolored cloth. Better to see a Falangist rifle than a rainbow flag. Son Los Nuevos Catholicos, Los de Siempre, The Social Wall of Science and Thought. Y escribo esto delante de la iglesia a la que just de trar a me madre a mesa. Send huevos.

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