Drake bet $250,000 on Nate Diaz to beat Jake Paul

Drake bet $250,000 on Nate Diaz to beat Jake Paul

Nate Diaz isn’t the favorite in the betting in a preview of his boxing match against Jake Paul, but he has at least one musical superstar.

Singer Drake posted a screenshot of his last bet: a whopping $250,000 bet in favor of Nate Diaz, hinting that the former UFC would win over Paul in a fight in the main event of a boxing match. place in Dallas this Saturday.

If Drake wins the bet with Diaz winning, he could get a whopping $1 million at current odds.

“Jake is a dog, but I would never bet against a Diaz brother. That’s how they raised me,” Drake wrote in a photo pie on his Instagram Stories.

Of course, Drake has become synonymous with these big-money bets that sometimes yield results and sometimes cost them thousands of dollars.

The last big bet Drake made was a few months ago when I bet Paul would lose. Kill Tommy Fury in a feverish fight. That night, Drake bet $400,000 on Paul’s side, which he ultimately lost to Fury via split decision, his first loss in his professional history.

Later, Paul refers to Bromiba’s bets, saying that his fault was due to “Drake’s curse” when he placed bets for some fighters who ended up losing.

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