Claudia Salomo welcomes guests at the premiere of Barbie at CasaPark

,Greetings!Barbie!”. The social network talks about nothing other than the long-awaited movie of the doll starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. To honor the expected premiere, public relations Claudia Salomo announced this Thursday (7/ 20) gathered a group of guests at the Casaparc cinema in Brasilia.

Fans of the world’s most famous doll showed how eager they were to see the feature film. an aesthetic barbicore took over the environment and many followed suit dress code pink.

Soraya Debs, Lara Calaca, Clusie Estevao, Ivana Valenka and Cheila Vobido
Amanda Guerra, Maria Victoria Salomo, Nadia Youssef, Tata Canhedo and Carin Hernandez

Before the session starts, the guests are already in the mood and liven up lounge Barbie’s at the entrance to the Espaço Itau de Cinema. The popcorn, drinks, treats and kits were customized according to the theme of the film.

See details:


Beverage packaging in pink tones
charms come

guests waiting to enter the cinema room

For Carole Valenka, CasaPark’s director of marketing, it was special to see everyone enjoying the moment. “Since this is a film for women and we want to empower them, the moment for close friends and partners was more incredible than we could have imagined”, she explains.

Guests fill CasaPark movie theater to watch the premiere of Barbie

directed by Greta Gerwig , director of other successes like Little Women and Lady Bird , Barbie is not focused on children and addresses contemporary topics.

Aleive-verb Along with everyday life in Barbieland, the magical world of Barbie, where all versions of dolls live in perfect harmony. However, one of them, played by Margot Robbie, begins to realize that her life isn’t so perfect, and everything suddenly changes. Forced to live in the real world, she grapples with hardships and begins to understand the true meaning of beauty.

See who attended the Barbie premiere:

Claudia Salomo and Clusie Estevao
carol valenka
Claudia Andrade, Patricia Justino Vaz and Marcela Vaz
Milena Muniz, Claudia Meirelles and Cynthia Dias
Vanessa Lemos, Silvana Chaves and Lara Torres
Isabella Carpeneda, Tati Maurice and Nadia Youssef
Manuela, Cristian and Paloma Pimenta da Veiga
Marcos, Maria Valentina, Claudia and Maria Victoria Salomo
Clusie Estevao and Silvana Chaves
Fernanda Christine, Fernanda Figueredo and Tatiana Valenka
Cristian Constantino, Andrea Cabrera, Claudia Salomo and Clarissa Ludovico
Anniele Almeida
Lillian de Carvalho and Georgia Deluca
Claudia Salomo, Clusie Estevao, Ivana Valenka and Claudia Meirelles
Alex Clever and Wilker Medeiros
Clusie Estevao and Leo Batisako
Anniele Almeida, Isadora Gomide and Nathalia Pimenta da Veiga
Claudia Meireles wears Barbie gloss
like jessica
Isabella Carpeneda and Thayne Fernandes
Isadora Arguello and Babel Lobao
Danielle Alcantara Azevedo, Mathias Varonil and Maria Victoria Salomo
Cheila Vobido and Lilian de Carvalho
Artist with Cluey Estevao
Beto Osorio and Luiza Vaz
Claudia Salomo and Nadia Youssef
Patricia Justino Vaz and Juliana Albuquerque
Flavia and Maria Fernanda Cortopassi
Thalita Gonsalves and Tete Valenka
Tiago Correia and Wellington Marx
Regina Luna, Leo Batiako and Roberta Serednicki
Matthias De Paula and Walter Lourenco
Claudia Salomo and Daniel Alcantara Azevedo
Regina Luna, Miguel Gustavo and Elaine Lucindo
Alex Clever, Flavia Amorim, Lillian Sainz, Marcelo Marcolino and Flavia Nasr
Gabriela Lacerda, Jonas Rodrigues, Rebecca Farah, Isabella Vilela and Yasmin Debs
Leo Batisaco, Isabella Carpeneda and Tulio Leite
guests receive a barbie kit
Maria Paula Leite and Caroline Mesquita
Excited audience before the premiere of the film

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