Christopher Nolan’s career is spotless, according to critics: his only success is this confusing science fiction film – CineNotice

It is a film starring Robert Pattinson and John David Washington which went on well among the general public as well.

You may like Christopher Nolan more or less, but there are some questions that are undeniable. First of all, I got to hear the music of a successful film.

you are a joke No. OK, let’s go.

The first is that he is one of the few directors who have bet on pure and absolutely commercial cinema, but without availing tax exemption, sequel, remake or similar. Except for his journey through the Batman character, all of his other films are origin stories that do not rely on a previously created universe. And that’s it, in the current Hollywood scene, it’s a laurel.

Second is that all the director’s films Han kept by critics and public, At least the vast majority of them. A tour of the International Critics’ Reference website, rotten Tomatoes -Platform where press reviews are averaged and translated into tomato percentages. Literally, it shows us that no movie has a positive review score of less than 70%.

Lie. Una C. it falls on 69%, it comes to Principle, the film that came to the rescue of theaters in the pandemic and in which many people were trapped. nolan came to direct dunkirk, one of his most ‘intimate’ films (Hans Zimmer’s loud music allowed him to), received no less than 92% positive reviews. However, with Principle Its percentage reduced by about 30%. Why?

,silence and endless thump, “Unnecessary density, explanatory dialogue and lack of suspense”; “incomprehensible, tightening of the skin”; “I don’t understand what happens and I don’t care much”… Yes, it is also clear that he dedicated the words of Halagos. But it’s interesting to see how Nolan gets the first truly disastrous reviews in his career with this strap.

To the one who wrote this, Principle This is a fascinating mind-boggling, yes, incomprehensible and confusing, but its images still remain in the memory. Look I’m small again Principle: And if you go back and forth in time, those impossible choreographies… Well, I didn’t care one bit what they were telling me: it all seemed so fascinating to me that I was completely hooked. Went.

who is in the ranking rotten Tomatoes from filmmaker, oppenheimer Turns out to be the best film of his entire career dark horseman, Memento, dunkirk it is insomniaBy naming the top 5. on glue, PrincipleA far cry from the film immediately preceding it on the list, next (83%), there debut film From the British-American director. will it be fair Principle in future? It is clear to me.

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