Christina Pedrosh shows off her figure in a bikini after giving birth

the 14 th of July, Christina Pedroche And Dabiz Munoz They welcomed their first daughter together. The couple experience the sweetest moment of their lives with the arrival of a little girl. Layawhich delights her parents and became the main character of the instagram account leading, albeit indirectly.

The Vallecas girl has chosen not to share photos of the baby’s face, but she shows her followers how the whole postpartum process goes. From her breastfeeding challenges to the new experiences she had through this long-awaited motherhood she went through with a lot of nerves.

Now the TV presenter has resurfaced on Instagram with photos and videos that, despite Christina’s good intentions, have caused a lot of controversy.

Cristina Pedrosh ignited the networks with her posing in a postpartum bikini

3 weeks and 2 days postpartum. There is no luck or miracles here, there is a lot of preparation before and during pregnancy. Healthy lifestyle, sports, healthy food and meditation“, Pedrosh wrote in the post. In it, we see her showing off her figure and showing her body in motion to show her quick recovery. You can see it here:

Although some of her followers applauded her words and her efforts, many women also protested against existing expectations for women, which has already happened to other celebrities such as Pilar Rubio or Carla Barber.

“Dear mothers, do not pay attention to Pilar Rubio and Cristina Pedroche. Don’t let this tweet affect your postpartum recovery”, “That there is time, resources and opportunity. you have a beautiful body before and after. But with the consequences that you have making invisible the harsh realities of so many postpartum women will not help anyone“,” Making me feel bad and creating additional complexes for all those women who, 3 weeks and two days after giving birth, did not restore their pre-pregnancy figure, “are some of the comments she received on social networks.

Increasingly, you can see how women use their social networks to show the unfiltered reality of motherhood break stereotypes, taboos and expectations. Some celebrities are also accused of completely ignoring this brutal biological process associated with childbirth and its recovery, including at the hormonal level.

Many studies in recent years have shown that high expectations from pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum periodas well as excessive anxiety and a tendency to feel guilty due to emotional and physical problems, cause women to become depressed and cause a lot of discomfort.

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