Champions of the Division of Honor in Spain in history!

League of Legends is a game that continues to evolve across all regions. Although in Europe we are not in the best shape compared to the asian teamsIn Spanish LoL we always hope that we can take on French, British and corporate teams. Although we have had our best and worst seasons, we can at least say that we already have a long history of being one of the most recognizable regional leagues in Europe. Therefore, today we are considering all champions in the history of League of Legends in Spain during Honor Division. Another time, Superleague.

Division of Honor – the beginning of LoL in Spain

Season 1 – Smart people

Little can be said about this first season, which very few competition fans will remember. However, we know that this team – without any organization – He knew how to impose himself on a mythical club like Pain Gaming..

Season 2 – Giant Games

Final Cup 3 ended with the start of a legend like the one that has reached and continues to sign with the Giants Gaming organization. curiously ended beating the club like x6tencewhich a few years ago ended in a merger. Samux, Babeta or Motroko in the ranks of the Giants, an example of the legends that have passed through the LoL club in Spain.

Season 3 – 34unit

A new final cup and a new different champion that left us this League of Legends division of honor in Spain. Two organizations that didn’t last longbut it mattered at the beginning of the competition in Spain. Frederik or Werlieb vs. Adri and Rydlethey are all the protagonists of the Giants who will make it to the LCS EU.

Season 4 – Overgaming

Organizations that are better known to the public are starting to arrive, living in LoL in Spain a little longer. A OverGaming who defeated in the Grand Final another mythical organization in our country such as dimechio.

Season 5 – Karont3

New clubs that are no longer with us continue to follow us and different teams that once lifted the cup of the best LoL club in Spain. If before we talked about Dimeggio, who remained at the gate, Dragons as another important club in Spain will not be less. fast dragon mid, Werlieb with Irelia or Ridle with Morgana, some of the historical moments that we could see and now remember.

Season 6 – Ozone Giants

Organization of Malaga repeated as the only team up to that point to have lifted the cup for the second time. Finally, the giants with the quintet that will make it to the EU LCS, with cucumber V mid lane. One of the finals, which was most remembered for the atmosphere that existed.

Season 7 – xPerience

OverGaming was one step away from repeating what they achieved in Final Cup 5 against Dimegio. This time they met Talius xPerience, who was strongerand that he has a famous player who will make it to the LEC as square dance.

Season 8 – Underdog Giants

Third on the list of winners is the guys from Malaga, and he did it against a great new team in the Grand Final, at Gamergy. Giants with Jerome, Cadrel mid lane or Itzi. followed the curse of falco and dry in the final.

Season 9 – G2 Vodafone

In the era of Division of Honor, no doubt The most memorable final in the history of League of Legends in Spain. A bigger than usual packed stadium came together, a strong rivalry and two of the most beloved teams so far in the latest series. WITH I was also a commentatorwe could see the confrontation between Reven and Motroko vs. Miniduke and Co.. Finally, Falco and Suhay raised their precious trophy.

Season 10 – ASUS ROG Army

We’ve completed the roster of champions during the Division of Honor era with first turn in history. This is the first time a runner-up has become a champion and he does so against the organization that beat him in last final cup.

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