Call of Duty invites us to celebrate 50 years of hip hop with new Operators

These legends deserve little more than a brief mention, mainly because they’re here to celebrate five decades of hip hop culture: Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and 21 Savage.

To celebrate 50 years of hip hop, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II or Call of Duty: Warzone Free content and special packages will be available throughout Season 05.

But before we get into the special guest handlers, here’s something for everyone:

Battle Track Pack

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Since the launch of Los War Tracks in 2019, Duty I included some hip hop basics so everyone in the game can hear them.

As part of the celebration of 50 years of hip hop DutyEveryone who logs in between August 7th and 16th will receive free Hip Hop War tracks. all you have to do is join Modern Warfare II or Call of Duty: Warzone Getting gifts on four different days within that time period (an easy task for those who play daily or just on weekends).

The first three days will provide battle tracks of the 80’s (Fundación), 90’s (Golden Age) or 2000’s (Life after Y2K). On the 4th day after logging in, you will receive a special weapon project that can be used in any online mode. These items will automatically be given to players when starting a session.

Call of Duty celebrates 50 years of hip hop

It celebrates 50 years of hip hop with two new operators synonymous with the culture and innovators of the genre, both available at launch. 21 Savage will be available mid-season.

Bringers Package: Snoop Dogg – Return of the Shizzle

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Please take a step back for Death Row Records’ Dueno. Duty And DO-Double G has been in that order since 2014, when to celebrate a certain annual occasion, Doggfather blesses the community with the sweet vocals that only Snoop can provide.

now stop Modern Warfare II or Call of Duty: Warzone, Snoop Dogg repeat one more time. It is ready for any operation, be it cover or artillery. , , , Make no mistake, operator Snoop Dogg will be here as part of Call of Duty’s celebration of 50 years of hip hop.

snoop dogg back Duty With a batch that includes two operator aspects: the default aspect “Snoop Dogg” and the optional aspect “DO-Double G”. Destroy the competition with the “Life of the Party” assault rifle, the “Tok Force 141” sub-rifle, and the “Wild and Free” secondary weapon projects. and ends with the “Snoop Hustle” shot with the enemies in the back.

Nicki Minaj (in season)

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The game time has expired; It’s not “Chill Nicky”; This is Red Ruby Da Sleez.

nicki minaj is linked for the first time Duty Early 2022, because yes, he has command like the players… do we have a problem with that?

now Modern Warfare II or Call of Duty: WarzoneReady to alert all rival operators, because Nicki Minaj has plenty of her own, perfect for those who believe they have good form in Battle Royale, DMZ, Multiplayer and Special Operations .

Nicki is known for breaking down barriers in hip hop, and this is no different; In season 05, it will be the first operator Duty with your name.

21 Savage (Mid Season)

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Lamalo Rockstar or Mr. Right now, anyway, it’s 21 Savage.

Born in London and raised in Atlanta, a community that continues to give back through his philanthropic efforts, El Rey de la Matanza has gone from underground hero to award-winning rapper.

Now, without any prior notice, it’s time to put it in save mode Duty: An operator batch is expected with 21 Savage as part of the Season 05 reload offer.

Season Highlighted Packages

Pro Package: Pistolero Fantasma

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Prepare for battle with the Pro Package: Gunslinger Ghost Lot, available in Season 05 for $19.99 USD or its regional equivalent.

This batch includes the design of Operator “The Marshal”, with Ghost looking ready to enforce the law, whether in Salvaje Oeste or Al Mazrah. Take control of the vestibule with the weapon design assault rifle “El Bandido” and the secondary weapon “Llamada de la Horca”, cabalga hacia el atardesar con el design de vehiculo “Ancilla”.

Other customization options are the “Wall Mounted” Chalcomania, the “Grave Marker” weapon amulet and the “Rounds and Roses” emblem.

Ale Pro Pack: Gunslinger Ghost Pack It also includes 2400 CP to be used on your next purchase from Tienda or the normal Batala Pass.

Carrier Pack: Elementals: Iceflow

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Review of the design of the “Invierno Muerto” operation for Valeria, in addition to the design of the all-terrain vehicle “Polar Vortex”, armed with the “Nevadas” assault rifle and the light machine gun “Viento Frio”. ,

When you need to stay incognito, free your hearts with knife blows and body to body “pico de hilo”.

Other cosmetic items are the “Deep Freeze” weapon amulet, the “Electric Ice” charging screen, the “Cold Heart” Calcomania and the “Deadly Lead” emblem.

Carrier Pack: Rituals Oscuros III

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The Rituals Oscuros series continues with its third installation, which offers the operator design “Poseido” and three weapon schemes: the assault rifle “Two Dust”, the battle rifle “Death’s Door” and the sniper rifle “Necrotic”.

Equip the “Grave Digger” fragmentation grenade variant and upgrade the park’s cause with the “Death’s Harbinger” charging screen and the “Just Ghostly” emblem. This package also includes one hour of Double Player PX and one hour of Double Weapon PX.

Carrier’s Pack: Penumbra + Universal Wrapping

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Equip the Shadow Company assault rifle project “Tono Onyx” with the “Guardian de la Boveda” Calcomania and “Voronoi Cube” amulets. Fulfill your loyalty to the Shadow Company with the “Destino: Chaos” loading screen and the “Shadow Company” badge.

All these offers are a part of the offers introduced as part of Season 05, many more will be launched as part of Season 05 recharge update.

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