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One of the most famous garments in the world, the thong bikini, also known as the Brazilian bikini, has won the hearts of international celebrities during the warm season in the Northern Hemisphere. Among the most famous names, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski and Kate Hudson stand out as people who were influenced by the new fashion. Undoubtedly, the sexier version of the thong is the darling of the gringo summer moment.


The bikini is a two-piece set that originated in swimsuits in 1946 by designer Lewis Reard, who chose the name after the atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll, under the pretense that the launch would be explosive. He was right, since then the bikini has been gaining in popularity, arriving in Brazil in 1948 and worn by German model Miriam Atz, adapting to public taste and, since then, becoming the main export product we have today.

Who Uses?

You need a lot of confidence to use a dug piece, and great influencers have that in abundance. Kim Kardashian set the Internet ablaze by posing for a star on her cell phone while showing off her low-cut black bikini on the sand of a beach in Japan.

Kim Kardashian making a star on the beach in Japan – Photo: Instagram (reproduction)

Wearing the same colored bikini, but in a hang-glider format, Lizzo showed off her curves in Reel, taking the opportunity to wear white and light green variations.

Emily Ratajkowski, who loves Brazilian culture, showed off the white one-piece in her last post on Instagram while taking a poolside selfie. She also published other photos in her feed using simple models and also mentioned Brazil, such as the photo in which she wears a thong with a personalized Brazilian flag in the middle of Rio de Janeiro.

Emily Ratajkowski sunbathing by the pool – Photo: Instagram (reproduction)

Speaking of fans in Brazil, Hailey Bieber, where her family is from, regularly posts videos of herself posing on beaches and pools wearing a variety of skimpy, well-fitted clothes. last post? A very intimate TikTok where she is showing off her light blue dress.

At least once a month, Kendall Jenner bets on Brazilian swimwear, the most recent being the striped green screen model. But the cutest thing is when she wears the white floral print while sunbathing in her backyard. People like us, don’t they? In the same mood was her sister Kylie Jenner, who sported a green veil reminiscent of kiwi tones.

Kendall Jenner in thong string bikini on the beach – Photo: Instagram (reproduction)

Kylie Jenner posing in a bikini in the backyard – Photo: Instagram (reproduction)

For those who are enemies of the traditional, you might feel inspired by Kate Hudson, who took a moment to sunbathe topless using red and black gradient bottoms to capture a moment with those closest to her. It’s a dream for anyone who experiences the cold in the South, isn’t it?

Kate Hudson topless by the pool with friends and family – Photo: Instagram (reproduction)

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