Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise rocked three decades ago, and now ‘Interview With The Vampire’ is the best gay-themed series to premiere recently.

When Anne Rice wrote the classic ‘Interview with the Vampire’, published in 1976, she planned to subvert any homosexual subtext under a relationship of friendship and dependence between her protagonists, the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt and the mortal Louise de Pointe du Lac. Wasn’t made , However, the author found a large number of homosexual admirers among his readers, who themselves read this interpretation of the work. Ella, at first surprised, Adopt this way of looking at your book, understand the reasons your text integrates with the LGTBQ+ communitySuch as the importance of identity, marginalization, nightlife or forbidden sexuality, elements present in its history that can be combined with other contemporary realities.

That’s because there’s a whole sense of world in it that, even if it wasn’t intentional, this gay subtext of the original work passes through the first plan in its most recent adaptation, the AMC+ series that premiered a few months ago and which we can without shame crown the best recent gay-themed series, And not only because of the need to explain what was always going on, but because of the quality of its proposal in general, with an excellent setting, magnetic interpretations and an intelligent script treating both the progression of the plot and the resolution of its themes. as well as re-adaptation of history to give it a new entity. For purists of ultra-faithful adaptations, perhaps not for good-tasting food, but for a good cerophile, this series is essential.

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Even the amendments to the original plot are designed in such a way that anyone who knows the source text can understand the Ginos and the reasons for the changes. For example, if in Anne Rice’s novel Louis tells his story to a young interviewer in the 1970s, we now see a new meeting between the two, with the longest-serving journalist and Louis Bar wants to tell his full story. Story and truth. So, like the book, the series begins with this interview that explains the title and where the vampires are now, Tired of his existence, he looks back on his past and the good and bad things he’s lived through, his crimes and his romances, And, of course, understanding his story is key to the relationship with Lestat, the vampire he became.

Nor has Jacob Anderson (who will play Game of Thrones’s Gusano Gris) have been cast as Louis. Indeed, the character’s complexion has changed, but the conscience has changed: in this narrative, Lewis is a businessman from Nueva Orleans in the early 20th century, a city hostile to blacks, especially those who pretend Let’s try to make a hole between the power and the elite. But even if you suspect that you might be gay. Therefore, Changing context cannot be accused of forced inclusion, quite the contrary; He gives the series a cover to develop the theme of racism. He was already present in Rice’s work.

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Next to Anderson we have Sam Reid (‘The Newsreader’) who is absolutely compelling and seductive as a vampire who lures a poor man into his trap. An explosive chemistry emerges between the two in both the sex scenes and the cello sequences. and other impulses which they transform into hate and love. What they offer is more than a con crese (and I guess because they are painful) This is what we saw between Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in the 1994 ‘Entrevista con elvampire’, a belt that Now it is very small. Now watching this televised version, in which the bond between the two protagonists is established as a sinless love affair, it’s hard to believe that these vampires haven’t been openly gay their whole lives. Anne Rice understood and joked that Louis and Lestat were the first gay couple to adopt, as I always wanted her novel to be adapted into a series format. I didn’t see the ending, but his son Christopher is there to preserve his legacy, he is one of the series’ executive producers alongside, among others, Alan Taylor (“Game of Thrones”), who helms several episodes. directs.

‘Interview with the Vampire’ explosion of sex and blood And all that could be asked for is an adaptation of a legendary work: one that’s as valuable as it is respectable, well-made and with thoughts of expanding its universe.

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