Barbie Movie Actress Says, “When You Talk About Bitcoin You Become Ken.”

Margot Robbie Says Her Husband Got Bored While Talking About Cryptocurrencies With Other Production Members

Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie in the new film

Margot Robbie, who plays Barbie in the new film (Shutterstock)

Australian actress Margot Robbie, who stars in a new film about Barbie dolls, revealed this week that she gets annoyed when men argue about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies around her.

During an interview with the Fandango app, the actress was asked how she was able to identify with Ken – Barbie’s boyfriend doll, who is portrayed as a superficial, sexist and distasteful person in the film.

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Margot said she and the film’s director Greta Gerwig laughed heartily when the actress’s husband, producer Tom Ackerley, discussed cryptocurrencies and bitcoin with other cast members. According to her, those moments when her husband became Ken were very disturbing.

“He’s a Kane. It’s so funny because when we were prepping this movie, two of our amazing producers, one of whom is my husband, were talking about bitcoin (BTC) or something like that. They were very sensitive,” she said.

Watch moments of the statements in the interview below:

“You are such a Ken if you talk.” #bitcoin,
– Margot Robbie, Barbie

Want to be Ken? Get #B T c
Want to have a barbie? Get #B T c

Suddenly I want to see Barbie…

— Robin Seyr (@RobinSeyr) 29 July 2023

According to the Finbold website, the actress also made a joke referring to her husband, saying that his interest in cryptocurrencies is indicative of “Big Ken Energy”, a pun in English that means something very intense. .

Of course, the phrase quickly spread across the Internet. Michael Saylor, the bitcoin evangelist who created MicroStrategy – the biggest corporate whale in the crypto world – made sure to repost the interview on his Twitter account, spreading the term “Big Ken Energy” among his followers.

#bitcoin Big Ken Energy.

-Michael Saylor ⚡️ (@saylor) 28 July 2023

crypto scam with barbie movie

Last week, while the new Barbie movie brought thousands of people to the cinema halls, it also opened up space for scammers in the cryptocurrency market to siphon off investors’ money.

A search on Token Sniffer, a site that conducts automated cryptocurrency auditing, revealed that at least 30 Barbie-related Memcoins were created shortly after her debut.

The names are the same – Barbie Inu, Ken, Barb, Barbie Swoon, Barbie Swap, Barbie Pink, ArbiBarbie – and most of the tokens were created on the BNB chain, Arbitrum and the Ethereum network.

Automated audits of smart contracts for these tokens, performed at Token Sniffer, brought up most alerts indicating that these projects were nothing more than attempted scams.

For example, the analysis alerted about the high concentration of tokens in the hands of their creators, which opens a path for pump and dump scams. In this scam, the creators of cryptocurrencies spread false information to persuade people to buy assets and then dump them on the market and make a profit at the expense of investors.

Another point of attention brought up by Token Sniffer was the fact that these tokens have low market liquidity, which hinders the sale of these assets by investors.

Ownership of many of these new Barbie tokens is also not relinquished, meaning that the contract owner can modify it at any time to disable asset sales, increase fees, or create new tokens.

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