‘Barbie’: 11 details you (probably) overlooked when watching the movie

‘Barbie’, a colorful film that breaks plans

It’s been a little over a week since it was released, and that too without any restrictions barbie All expectations and possible predictions have been shattered, leading to an estimated figure of $500 million by the end. On the ground you have to talk about numbers, because the belt is causing a cultural reset in all rules. A portion of the public, who had not set foot in the hall for some time, returned to enjoy them, and more to the point, were dressed in pink, a color that has now been put to shame on several occasions, And that was relegated to the background. Despite being rated one star by some skeptical movie buffs, there’s no doubt barbie It’s working hard, and it’ll probably be one of those legendary movies that you’ll be freaking out about in a few years if you haven’t. So, here are a series of references that were probably overlooked amid so much pink excitement while watching barbieThe film that is on everyone’s lips.

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Who is really the lady at the bus stop?

“You are very beautiful”, says Barbie (margot robbie) In this emotional scene, an old woman, seeing whom more than one person started shedding tears. Many rumors circulated on the network about the identity of this female mayor, and the leading theory was that she was the daughter of Barbara Handler. Ruth HandlerManufacturer of Barbie dolls. However, this habladuria turns out to be false. old tina day barbie is explained by Ann Roth, a clothing designer who was highly sought after in the Hollywood industry. Of course, Roth has participated in much more than scientific presentations and has been Awarded the Oscar Award for Best Costume Design on two occasions: Who english patient (1996) and others mother of the blues (2020). In addition, it was nominated in the same category for the films hours or Mr. Genius Ripley.

las barbies decatalogadas

First up we meet Midge as the actress and director Emerald Fennel ,a promising woman)—also known as the “embarrassed Barbie”. Although Midge existed in various versions, and always as “Barbie’s best friend”, in 2002 she began to be sold in her pregnant version. Ruth Handler He had never expressed interest in Muneka having children, however, so that was not the real reason for decanting it. In a still conservative society, Midge was a problematic Muneka who was sold separately, and it was feared that girls would associate her with a single mother and that she would serve as an example for their lives. In addition, another section decided that Midge promoted juvenile embarassment, and to avoid further controversy, Mattel decided to remove her from their catalog.

This is also remembered in the film growing up captain (By the way, Skipper is Barbie’s sister), a muñeca a la que le cracion los pecos si le girabas el arm. Some of these rarities are also rarities Cane Pendant Magico – A muneco with platinum hair, a hoop pendant, a scarf made of transparencies and leather, who quickly becomes Tacho Gay Ken- hey barbie video girl, One Barbie is capable of recording up to 30 minutes of video, which the FBI advised to withdraw because of its potential danger. Of course, I must point out what is probably the most bizarre of all: Palm Beach Sugar Daddy Caneun ken some mature y fashionwhose name – no se confundan ni pienson mal – is el papa de sugar, su perita de raza West Highland Terrier.

Hebalmos de Allen, Kane’s forgotten friend

entered by Mattel In 1964, Allen was introduced as “Ken’s friend”, and although he was faithful to Muneco’s version in the sixties in the film, Allen found a new role in the 2000s, when he played Midge as Midge. Husband decided to make. Embarrassed barbie. Y C, Allen – performed in barbie Per Michael Cera– belongs to this category of forgotten toys. So much so that in the film they are jokingly compared to members of the male gang from In Muñecos. NSYNC. “After all, all the members of NSYNC were Alans. Sí, even él”, referencing this last statement from its most famous member, Justin Timberlake. If so, from here we launch a call Mattel So please get back to building Alans, because we want one.

barbie loves chanel

/Jaap Butendijk

A look from the Chanel collection that conjures up Margot Robbie in ‘Barbie’

Perhaps Coco Chanel I think Barbie gets carried away with too much stuff in there, because to be honest, neither Ken nor Barbie sees much. fan of minimalism. This and much more in a promotional video QAshe herself Ryan Gosling points out that for Kane, the well-known rule of the designer must be taken the other way around. “Coco Chanel has a rule: Before leaving the house, buy an accessory. La de cane es: bridge tres accessorios”. All Design, All Design Channel those on film belong to later collections, designed by the great Karl Lagerfeld, of Hecho, son of Varios Los Modelos de la Mason French Who Lose Barbie: Set of Three tweed, a dress and a ski suit, all with padded pockets and other ornaments. It should also be mentioned that many of these designs were originally submitted by supermodels Claudia Schiffer in the nineties.

Greta Gerwig and her little one Guiño Miguel Angel

Ann barbie Las Contexts sprouts a bourbon. The same margot robbie admitted that a scene between Barbie and her creator Ruth (played by Rhea Perlman), is a direct reference to creation of adam (1511) by Renaissance artist Miguel Angel, Specifically, it’s a plane where your hands almost touch each other. Very good!

Yes if you can!

“¡Si, se puede!”, says the imaginary husband of america ferrera after learning it Duolingo, To this she replies, “It’s a political symbol.” And indeed, it is, but it’s also a reference to one of Ferreira’s movies: Gotta kick it! (In Latin America it is titled Yes if you can and in spain like latin rhythm, In it, Ferreira captains a team of dancers, and brings them to life with this symbol. A small detail, but probably very emotional for the actress.

Advertisement for ‘Barbie Depression’

Attention! We have a new Barbie, and we represent al sien por sien! this barbie doesn’t live there Mojo Dojo Casa House by ken, this barbie spends hours rolling around Instagram, and cry in your bed while eating patatas fritas. How do you solve your problems? Very easy, coming without stopping (A lo que losmodernes le llaman). binge watching, pride and Prejudice, This is the BBC version where it’s sold Colin Firth, (apologise Matthew McFaddenIn succession this is wonderful).

Tanner, the Barbie dog we all wanted

barbie and tanner were one set Famous around 2000. This Muneka came with her little dog, A Golden Retriever That you ate some small balls and then passed them out, pretending that there was play. Despite being quite cute and a toy many girls will remember, the Tanner was also discontinued in 2010. What’s less evil than in the movie is that she died in her house with Tanner rare barbie,

‘That’s just Ken’

between guitars, talking about economics and explaining why el padrino This is the best movie in the world greta gerwig Showcase these shared interests are what make Kenes Kenes. And well, of course, if they want to, but Barbie doesn’t need anyone to explain anything to Ken. includes incredible detail in one of the aspirational monologues of america ferrera Lo de: “It’s a sueno en el que actually a vivendo esta vivendo in interesaba el cut de zack snyder Ann justice league”, referencing the famous debate that arose on the network about the importance of the director’s cut in this superhero film.

indication of other belts

If you could make a long list of all the movies the director wanted to honor barbie, among them, allegedly stands for the beginning, a clear allusion to the classic Stanley Kubrick, 2001: Odyssey in Space, In Gerwig’s version, Simiens are transformed into girls; Instead of Huesos, Tienen Munekus, and Monolith has become the first Barbie. Also, in this scene, the clothing designer Jacqueline Durran I wanted Margot Robbie to be decked out in a replica of the first dress worn by Barbie. It is a short and streaky mono, with the first Muneca being commercialized in 1959. It may also refer to one of Robbie’s hairstyles in the film, which pays homage to Catherine Deneuve Ann los paraguas de cherburgo, Similarly, it would be better to understand the disco scene as a reference. Fiebre del Saturday Night; El Camino Rosa – instead of Amarillo – A the Wizard of Oz; and them organizations about the cowboys who put Ken and Barbie on their way to Los Angeles, who remember Jon Voight arriving in new york Medianoche Cowboy.

/Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection/Corden Press

Ken and Barbie tease key ‘looks’ from ‘Cowboy’

Sandals or Tacos?

At one point in the film, rare barbie ,Kate McKinnon) He says conservative barbie (Robbie) who should leave her tacos behind and wear more comfortable sandals. a scene reminiscent of the famous selection of matrix And its red and blue pastilles devote an entire plan to teaching Birkenstock sandals. monday ListSelling sandals since the sling of the strap Arizona has been increased by more than 110%, Great – though not very subtle – marketing strategy, but it works instantly.

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