Antonella Roccuzzo’s sexy look to cheer up Lionel Messi, who left everyone disappointed

The jumpsuit was shining on the body of Anto Roccuzzo Jean fabric with square neckline and slim bratle, La Rosarina completed her look with a watch and a chain.

Since pink couldn’t be missing, one of her favorite hues, the lady from La Pulga added a pastel pink Chanel bag to give the final touch to her outfit.

This style, Total Denim, boomed 20 years ago when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears turned heads at the American Music Awards (2001). On that occasion, she was wearing a dress and a jean bag, and he was wearing pantaloons, a bag and a hat.

The photo that David Beckham dedicates to Messi with his new acquisition: “I am part of Pandilla”

Miami became divine and white after the arrival of Lionel Messi A la mls, y las cumbres argentinas tambien hiscirón base en la ciudad del sol. so much that David BeckhamOne of the club’s duenos, contracting “La Pulga”, skipped the five o’clock tee in England, and displayed it with a photo. Take it now friend.

The former footballer’s post comes days after he starred in a fun trip and ride with the Argentine crack, which he was seen in a picture taking infusions, and the competition “Yo Te Voy A Hacer Años Buenos Mates”,

He liked it so much, that now the Las Garzas owner proudly shows off his personalized Matero set, complete with his DB initials and franchise shield.

“Feels Like I’m Part of Pandilla”, wrote Beckham, who thanked her for the gift, and world champion Arbo demonstrated once again that their professional relationship is already turning into a beautiful friendship.

Thus, summed up the co-owner of Inter Miami Argentinization of the team that has only Messi in its chest: already closed de llegadas thomas avils from racing and Facundo Farias from Colon.

Estos to Suman a los que estaban en el squad (Stefanelli, Cremaschi and Franco Negri), who would be under another Argentine command, that Tata Martino, If anything doesn’t cause a shortage of clothes, it’s a partner.

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