5 science fiction movies to watch on Disney+ right now

According to author Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction serves to predict possible futures. The author says that the imagination of man is capable of planning scenarios that may become reality through science in the future. Hence, science fiction movies are fundamental to Disney+. The platform gives this genre a special place in its catalog so that viewers can let their imagination fly with films that invite creativity and sharpen their ingenuity.

For a great deal of science fiction movies and books, the future is filled with discoveries that will lead man to his full potential. Yes, the seas through altruistic adventures or the most sinister version of you. Contemporary science fiction is an exploration of collective hopes and ways of creating reality.

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The Disney+ catalog includes some of the best science fiction movies of recent times. Including travel to other planets and the reinvention of society as part of a mechanized world. Will all these scenarios be real? Even though there is no way to be sure, cinema has already buried this possibility in many of its best works. These are some of them.

AvatarThe Best Saga of Science Fiction Movies on Disney+

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In 2009, director James Cameron brought to the big screen what is considered one of the great cinematographic achievements of speculative fiction. Avatar It is a special effects show that marked a hit film in the history of cinema. Also, an emotional journey through topics of great importance such as protecting nature and the ethical limits of technology.

But what made this science fiction film available on Disney+ a massive phenomenon was its sensitivity in exploring the topic of prejudice. Everything in the extraordinary landscape of the planet Pandora, in a simple-looking script designed to create a dazzling visual spectacle that ultimately becomes an extraordinary ecological epic.

Over the course of nearly three years, the filmmaker worked on its sequel. I’ve tried to take the story to more ambitious places, about a search for identity and the value of environmental protection. In 2022, Avatar: The Spirit of Water It appeared with the promise of being part of an ever-expanding saga.

This new science fiction film, also available on Disney+, also explores a growing mythology that James Cameron is currently pursuing between three more sequels. Pandora is a new landscape of nature’s battle for survival. Also, an allegory for the beauty and innocence of places that have been saved. Elements that made the director’s work a saga of immense interest not only to science fiction lovers, but also to a wide audience.

light years

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one of the most controversial films of Pixar It is a tribute to the science fiction genre and is available on Disney+. astronaut story Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) through scientific and technical subjects. Plus, it’s a well-constructed tour through this genre’s most common scenarios.

From time travel to the exploration of planets and alternate realities. what i ate to be one By-product From the Toy Story saga, became a reflection of ideals, love and loyalty. Its protagonist tries to fulfill his most urgent objective: to lead his crew back to Tierra after being stranded in an unknown space region by his arrogance.

With an adult background backed by a tribute to the golden age of genre cinema, light years You are less innocent than you appear. Perhaps that is why it takes time to delve deeper into themes that are not very common in children’s cinema. Premiere amid controversy, the science fiction film, which can be viewed on Disney+, remains a subject of debate. Too mature for kids and too simple for an older audience? If that were the case, his screenplay is capable of narrating an engrossing adventure that moves tears.

Tron: Legacy

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The sequel to Steven Lisberger’s cult science fiction film, released in 1982, is both a continuation and exploration of the original universe and is available on Disney+. Directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, it travels to the same locations, but is more interested in the development of its characters. Eventually, it finds out what happened to most of them after the events described in the first film. which allows the script to innovate a known landscape from different points of view.

It is a story set 28 years after the last incident, describes the life of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). For a large part of his life he believed that his father had abandoned him, while in fact he was trapped in an alternate dimension. Circumstances will lead the protagonists to try to reach the digital world of Tron in order to find answers and save Kevin.

Although it lacks the originality of the first science fiction film, the script demonstrates the potential of the visual universe it plants and which can now be enjoyed on Disney+. Currently, the third part is under production, which will explore the reality left behind by Sam, in which he saw his priest die.

robotsOne of the great science fiction movies on Disney+

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This friendly animation film is an outlandish variation of the normal rotation of androids integrated into society. Robots create their own culture in the feature film by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha. A new way of seeing the world in which invention and originality are an essential part of understanding its context.

rodney copperbottom (Ewan McGregor) has only one goal: to be part of this select community of inventors and creators. But what begins as a story of growth soon turns into an adventure that questions the pursuit of success. Rodney must travel to Robot City, where he learns that the nature of his species is far more ancient and curious than he ever imagined. Also you should deepen your identity and future. Do you want to be a mere creature capable of imagining great projects or aspire to push your world to new limits?

However, this well-intentioned science fiction film, which you can watch on Disney+, doesn’t manage to contain all of its script’s ambitions. And in that way, the story of a distracted, innocent and clumsy protagonist shows the great potential of this genre. In particular, there is speculation about non-human life forms.

enbrujada mountain

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Andy Fickman’s film, available on Disney+, is based on highly fictional science fiction themes. when the taxi driver jack bruno (dwayne johnson) agree to take seth (Alexander Ludwig) yes Sarah (Annasophia Robb) You can’t imagine what awaits her.

Nor are they anything more than both good-looking young people. Each of them has extraordinary abilities. Which makes your adventure an homage to the classic science fiction movies of the 1950s.

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since the discovery of the origin of extraterrestrial forces seth or Sarah, to conspiracy theories and visits to government secrets. The film explores the way in which our culture perceives the unknown. Also how to handle the outdoor elements that have come under urban legends. Deemed a children’s classic by the studio, it’s a hilarious reinvention of the well-known invisible extraterrestrial invasion trope. That’s all, from a humorous and almost cynical point of view.

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