18 Best Meditation, Relaxation, and Mindfulness Apps to Improve Your Mental Health

We offer you a collection of 18 apps for meditation, relaxation and mindfulnessso you can take care of your mental health. Both on vacation days and the rest of the year, taking care of your mental health is very beneficial for everyday and better sleep.

We’ve tried to put together a diverse collection of apps, and while most of them require a monthly subscription, we’ve also found some good quality free apps. And remember, as we always say in Xataka Basics, if you have suggestions for applications that you think should be on the list, you can leave them in the comments section.


This is an application that aims to be universal mental health app, with a large library using . In fact, he has one of the largest communities of coaches and therapists, so this is quality content. It has a limited free version and then a paid one.

In the app, you’ll start by filling out a questionnaire to tell us who you are and your characteristics. Once this happens, Aura will adjust the audio tracks it shows you. It has 13,000 tracks in total and the app will help you meditate, relax and feel better.


This meditation app to help you fall asleep better, although you can also find courses to help you meditate to reduce stress, anxiety, and more. You will have from sleep hypnotherapy to deep sleep hypnosis, everything to help you treat your insomnia.

The app will allow you to customize your holiday options and goals to offer you the most relevant content. It has free and paid content, and its subscription is one of the most expensive on the list at $13/month or $90/year.


An application that aims to help users who are too expressive to breathe mentally through a variety of meditations designed to reduce anxiety, improve concentration or improve sleep among other things. A small portion of its content is free, but most features are available with a $15/month or $70/year subscription.

With your subscription, you will have access to all your meditations, your stories, your relaxing music and more. There are also audio classes with experts to teach you how to meditate, and you can learn stretches to help you relax. In addition, you also have meditations of different lengths that suit you.

deep meditation

An exclusive Android app to help you balance your mind and body while meditating and getting good sleep. For this you have wide catalog of meditations of all kinds, from muscle relaxation to mind-numbing. Everything to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.


Endel is a streaming service that create your own soundscapeswith which you can focus, relax and sleep better. It uses neuroscience and proprietary technology to create these sounds that adapt to you in real time.

In doing so, these sounds interact with you and change based on elements such as time of day, weather, your heartbeat, and your location. This is a paid service, although it has a free trial and is priced at €3.49 per month or €29 per year.

Expand: Beyond Meditation

Application with extensive library of meditations which cover several topics, from joy and the development of healthy relationships to sleep and dreaming. It has a free version with limited access or a paid version with a subscription for $12/month or $70/year.

It offers features such as multi-day mini-courses, guided imagery meditations with specific sound waves, guided personal reflections, and a journal. And if you wish, you can simply enjoy the background sounds on a timer.

free space

An app created by an English Buddhist monk that offers you hundreds of high quality 10 minute meditations. The downside is that there is no free version and your subscription price is $13/month or $58/year with a small free trial.

Understanding Timer

It’s an app full of features such as expert conversations, courses to help you feel better, and live workshops. Also has free guided meditations, as well as several relaxing music playlists. It also has stats to check your progress.

This is a limited free mode app with which you can access various cool features without paying. However, to have access to all of its features, you will need to pay a $10/month or $60/year subscription.


The application, created in Spain by a team of psychologists, offers you meditations to achieve goals such as reduce stress, achieve emotional balance, work better at work and much more. Depending on what you need, you will have different sessions ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. Requires a subscription of 8 euros per month or 60 per year.

Meditation & Relaxation Pro

Application that offers meditation to sleep, calm down, love, concentrate and be happy. In this multi-themed collection, you’ll find everything from guided meditations to body scans to try and improve different areas of your life.

This service offers courses for 1, 7 and 14 days, and before going to bed you can find 7, 14 and 30 minutes of meditation to relax better. You will be able to opt for a free trial of the service and then you will have to upgrade to their $30 yearly subscription.

i meditate

Completely free application, something that already serves as a reason to at least try it instead of other payment options. It offers you daily, emergency, temporary and sleeping meditation options with a wide range of needs for you to meet.

This app has meditations that can be either guided or unguided, with gradual meditations, beach visualizations, and more. It also has courses from several well-known institutions, though the downside is that it doesn’t offer as many features as other paid apps.


A service that promises to help you “create a haven for yourself” and offers both the tools to develop your peace of mind and fortitude, as well as guidance to achieve them. He also has over 1000 deep dives to choose which one to use.

The meditation app in nine languages ​​covers topics such as relationships, loneliness, expectations, sexuality and more. He also has bedtime stories and lets you check your progress. It has a limited free subscription and then a paid one for $10/month or $70/year.

An app that offers a quick way to calm and refocus your mind when you’re worried or when you need to unwind. It offers you content for meditation, a healthier mental life, and better sleep. This allows you create a limited free accountbut to access all the content you will have to pay a subscription.

This service offers more than 2000 tracks for meditation, better sleep, calm music or nature sounds. There are also hundreds of meditation videos courses to learn how to manage stress, anxiety and improve sleepas well as guides and tutorials with experts in the field.


Mo is an app designed for help you meditate, relax and sleep, with a large community of users who are committed to reducing their stress levels. The service includes bedtime stories, small courses to eliminate anger and focus, as well as meditation to improve in various life situations.

There are 200 lessons in this service and new elements are added every day. It offers a free trial period, but then you have to pay $10/month or $60/year for a subscription.

Relaxing Meditation: Mind Controlled

This service offers you programs for different types of interests such as self-esteem, success, creativity, and relationships. Do you also have introductory meditation program which is completely free to learn what mindfulness is.

The app offers new content every month as well as soft sounds, ASMR and white sounds. The disadvantage of the application is that it offers very little free content, total 50 free sounds. You will then have to pay $10/month or $60/year for a subscription.


This is a service that offers you guided meditations, ancient chants, mantras, music and more, including a timer that allows you to immerse yourself in meditation. It also offers collections and playlists to suit the mood you have every day.

This service offers a free trial period, but then you have to pay $13/month or $50/year. Community is its forte.which will allow you to chat with friends, attend meditation groups, meet live and share playlists.


An app created by the Facilísimo Foundation and the first in the Create Health method to help you start changing habits that make you feel better. To do this, he teaches to accept life situations, be flexible to change, have confidence and much more.

The app starts with a wellness test and then offers you personalized meditation sessions. He has a free plan with seven introductory sessions and several meditations. your subscription costs 5 euros per monthwhich are intended for non-profit foundations seeking to improve social well-being and health.

wake up

An application that offers you an extensive collection guided meditations, and in which you receive a daily audio message that you can easily incorporate into your daily meditation. It’s paid and costs $20 a month, although it does have a free trial week to make sure it convinces you.

The app also offers you lessons and conversations on topics like stoicism, altruism, sleep and exploration, conversations that try to give you peace of mind and answer various questions that may be causing you stress.

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