Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney dedicate touching words to Angus Cloud

Zendaya remembers Angus Cloudyour partner in delivery “Euphoria” SeriesQueen Muriyo at age 25.

Through social networks, the actress expressed that “words are not enough” to describe it.

“Las Words are not enough to describe the immense beauty of Angus, I am so grateful that I got a chance to meet him in this life, to call him my brother, to see his warm, kind eyes and his radiant smile, or to hear his infectious carcajadas. I smile thinking about it now.

Photo: Instagram (@anguscloud)

The two Emmy winner for her role as Rue Bennett in teen drama “Euphoria” continues her emotional message as she assures Badal “can walk into any room and light it up”,

“People use this expression as menudo when talking about their loved ones. (…) But let me say that it was the best of it. I would like to remember it there. Light, love and happiness without limits that she always managed to give us”, the hero of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” also added.

Zendaya ended her emotional message to fans by saying Respect the duality of the actor’s family.

open minded and kind hearted

The singer wasn’t the only member of the “Euphoria” cast who wanted to pay tribute to Claude, as actress Sydney Sweeney (Cassie Howard in the series) He also published a series of photographs with her during the race and added a message that defined her as “one with an open soul and the kindest heart”.

Angus died a week after the death of his priest

Angus Cloud, interpreter of the character of fizco In “euphoria”, he died this month at the age of 25 at his family home in Oakland (California), only aA week after his father’s burial in Ireland.

His allegations did not elaborate on the cause of death, but he did mention the cloud was badly destroyed and highlighted that he struggled for a long time mental health problems.

However, the Oakland Police Department continues to work the case and the outcome of the investigation is yet to be released. tmz This refers to an alleged call made by his mother to the emergency service asking for help because her son had lost his pulse and, possibly, a “possible overdose”. (EFE)

Photo: Instagram (@anguscloud)

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