Zac Efron, Kate Winslet & 10 Actors Who Hated Their Most Famous Movies

Sometimes the road to fame is tough, especially when you have to do things that don’t make you angry. It’s exactly like Kate Winslet and other actors who now regret the projects they catapulted to the top.

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I think I’ll take that to Estrelato and Sensillo. Damien Chazelle as portrayed in the movies La la Land or babylon hard to get auditionsAfter a small role in a production and a long journey, he became a famous actor and was in all the headlines, be it for the recognition of his work or the sparks about his personal life. Maybe it sounds like a dream to be a part of an industry like cinema, but actors have to face many adversities too.

dealing with paparazzi or careless fans, Some interpreters have to face the ghosts of their past And that should fill her filmography, which on many occasions doesn’t take pride in everything; If Not Lou Crean, Just Ask Robert Pattinson twilight, Many people who have reached the pinnacle of their careers regret participating in them. Here we bring you 10 actors who hate their most famous films.

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