Wow, how hot! One of the most wanted groups by the ladies is back

The X Factor dance group is back after a short hiatus with new dancers and a host of other surprises for those who like to have fun with friends in the old style of the famous “lady’s night”.

Last April, the group returned to countryside dance halls and bars with their sensual choreography after eight years of inactivity. However, at the end of 2022, they again took a break, curtailing events.

But, for everyone’s peace of mind, the boys are back, and according to band founder Jason Gonzalez, they’re back more muscular than ever and with new choreography.

Now the star dancers are Rafael Valverde (Colombia), Allen Quiros (non-referee), Kenwell Solis, Gonzalez himself and former Combate members Randall Casanova and Elmer “La Roca” Pitti.

“In the play, we do a combination, everyone dances, dressed up in some way that I know, one as a policeman, the other as a firefighter, and so on, and then after everyone does their performance, we all go outside. on the stage. There is a part of the show that is “old school” (old school) where I put the songs that we danced at the time the “ladies” were stuck and we remember all those Brazilian songs that we danced in Palmares or Zapota when they were good parties,” their leader said.

Jason said that as early as August of this month, they have planned several dates for Mother’s Day, as well as organizing bachelorette parties, birthdays, and animated “baby showers” since the dance show they offer is anything but vulgar. Even parties of 15 years have perked up with former militants.

“We host shows based on activity and they also adjust to the budget of the client because the venue might not be very big so there are only three dancers,” he added.

The dancer also said that since times have changed a lot and that it is no longer the same as when the group was born in 2000, they also had to change their choreography to distract people who think they are “maripepino”. and that at the end of each presentation, they find themselves without clothes.

“If we are in bars or an adult place, well, the shows are more sensual, but every boy comes out as a character, and as part of this show, there are games on stage, competitions with girls, obviously they show a little skin. , they take off their shirt or so, but that’s it. Always with respect for the public and without vulgarity,” he said.

Also, the personal trainer and broadcaster acknowledged that there are very few bars in Josephine or the center of the metropolitan area that are hiring them now, and that since the return of Factor X they are spending more time traveling to other parts of the country.

Places like Tortuguero, Puerto Jimenez, Guapiles, Punta Uva, Limón, Perez Celedon are just a few of the places they have played in the past year and where they hope to return with this new show.

“We also have a show for them if they want everything to be smooth. We also offer fashion shows with beautiful models after the ladies’ night show if the client wants the event to be open to all spectators. For example, this Saturday we are in Poas de Alajuela and first we do our show and then we have a fashion show with the girls, the idea is to please everyone,” said Jason.

The dancers rehearse once a week to put on a new choreography, and now they have also realized a show with fire, another as a bartender, where he performs acrobatics with bottles to make each presentation more attractive.

Gonzalez went through a difficult health situation in 2019 after being diagnosed with thrombocytopenic purpura (an immune system problem that destroys platelets), but he says he’s ready to get back on stage to dance and cheer on the audience.

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