‘Wonder Woman 3’ will be a reboot starring Gal Gadot

in an interview with comic book, girl gadotWonder Woman’s interpreter revealed that a third film for the heroine is in the works.

Gadot said she is working on the development of a third film about the Amazon warrior in collaboration with james gunn it is Peter Safranhead of film division Eddy,

According to CanWeGetSomeToast, the new film will be a reboot of the franchise – and will bring Gadot back in the role.

“Wonder Woman 3 was supposed to shoot this summer with a script by Patty Jenkins that Gal really liked. Jenkins was apparently looking to return to directing, but James Gunn scrapped her script entirely because he felt her role didn’t fit where he wanted to take Wonder Woman in the DCU. As a result, Jenkins is no longer involved in the project in any capacity. James Gunn, Peter Safran and Gal Gadot will be developing a new version of Wonder Woman 3 from scratch. After the strike, of course. Ultimately it won’t actually be Wonder Woman 3, but a reboot starring the same actress. Some things that we have seen in your previous films will remain the same, some will change.”

Earlier, ‘wonder woman 3‘ will be rewritten and directed by patty jenkinsHowever, as per reports, the project was canceled by the chief Eddy due to dissatisfaction with the treatment of the script submitted by the filmmaker.

As a result, the film was shelved, but is apparently being redeveloped again.

it is not yet known patty jenkins Will be involved in the third Wonder Woman film. Stay tuned for more information.

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