Without makeup, Margot Robbie goes viral on the web and shares opinion. news

Margot Robbie, 33, is all over social media this Friday (14) because of a viral picture in which she is seen without makeup. He is in limelight due to the promotion event of the film. barbieIn which she plays the lead role, the actress was the target of both praise and criticism.

The picture went viral after a netizen posted it with an obnoxious caption: “This is her no makeup picture. Definitely average.” The fans of the actress immediately came to her rescue sharing photos of the author of the post. “I wonder if you look better with a little makeup on.”

Brazilian users defined the beauty of the actress as the standard in the south of the country: “I kick a tree in Balneario Camboriu and 15 of these fall”; “Just white, blonde and blue eyes” and “just a face” were some of the comments.

The artist’s natural beauty was also praised, “If Margot Robbie is average, I’m an expired Maria Biscuit”, joked one internet user. “It looks like a baby, oh my god”, said another.

In London, last Wednesday (12), Robbie stole the show with an iconic look inspired by classic Barbie from the 60s. Along with Ryan Gosling, 42, the actress attended the premiere of the film inspired by the dolls. The dress chosen by Margot was designed by the fashion designer Vivienne Westwoodand refers to the Enchanted Evening barbie (in Portuguese, ‘Barbie of the Enchanted Night’) from 1960.

Margot Robbie – Photo: Playback

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