Why startups care more about mental health

More and more topics mental health They play an important role in the development of entrepreneurs. And it’s not for nothing that when you’re under stress and pressure, mostly due to decision making and financial uncertainty, emotional well-being can be put aside.

According to research universityBerkeley advertising72% of entrepreneurs suffer from mental health problemsand they are twice as likely to attack their physical integrity.

(Concerns about rising violence in Colombia).

In addition to this, the most recent IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) study titled “The Invisible Factor: Wellbeing and Mental Health to Strengthen a High-Performing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean‘ notes thatsix out of 10 high-performing entrepreneurs in the region have symptoms of moderate burnout (exhaustion), and three out of 10 have severe symptoms of psychological discomfort.“.

In addition, those who participated in this study stated that the factors that most influenced their well-being were:financial pressure or capital raising (73%), followed by the need for innovation in business models, financing and growth (61%), environmental economics (61%), long working hours (53%) and pressure on sales success or scalability to new markets (50%)“.

(Upward insecurity hits the work of businessmen).

Before this panorama Trythrough its network and connections in over 40 countries, has provided a value guide so that entrepreneurs can have key tools as they face their business journey.

In addition, it has opened a space for entrepreneurs in the region to share their experiences, challenges and recommendations on how to deal with pressures in the ecosystem. how to achieve your unit economy (revenue from customers), manage relationships with partners, make difficult decisions and lead within a team.

mental health


Here are some of the tips Endeavor gives entrepreneurs: Identify the people around you who provide trust, as well as a team of professionals who support leaders and employees.

(The ministry will oversee the goals of agri-food systems).

Dedicate an hour a week to working on improvement aspects of your routine and set a work schedule so you can differentiate between work and personal spaces. Quality time can make a big difference.

Trust and don’t be afraid to delegate. That is why it is important to have a reliable and well-trained team that allows you to redistribute tasks. A common mistake is to think that the busier you are, the more productive you are (less is more).

Given the constant pressure that entrepreneurs face on the path to “successwhere they do not allow themselves to be wrong and have difficulty admitting when they need help. Leaders must recognize that their well-being is of key importance and that seeking professional support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

(The state of emergency in La Guajira continues without decrees).

Julian Torres, Endeavor Entrepreneur, Ontop COO and author of Strong Habits., argues that mental health care has now become essential to the success of any business model. “Failure and setbacks hurt. But when they find themselves in that dark place of discomfort, outside of their comfort zone, they will realize that they are stronger than they thought.“, he adds.


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