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Barbie is Brazilian and I can prove it! tana haines Represents Brazil in the cast of the film directed by Greta Gerving and starring margot robbie it is Ryan Gosling, The film is currently the highest viewed and as per the latest figures, it collected a total of US$774.5 million after two weeks of showing, making the film the fourth highest grossing global film of 2023.

However, the journey to bagging a lead film role was not an easy one for him. At the age of 18, the actress decided that it was time to take a big step in her modeling career. Only then did he move to London, where during the first two years he devoted himself to the full study of the language. When she felt she was fluent, she knew it was the right time to invest in her acting career. It was then that the 28-year-old, born in Pirsununga, 190 km from São Paulo, took an accelerated acting course. Pinewoods Studioresponsible for films like the franchise star wars,

Since then, she’s felt more confident to face an already major challenge: acting college. The result could not be separated and is accepted Identity School Of Drama, The technical knowledge and expertise acquired through the course opened doors for Taina, who managed to take part in series and clips while still studying. “It is one of the most famous schools in England. I studied for four years. I still read, but this was the last stage of my career. I always auditioned for films and came across people who explained to me how to enter this industry and the moment came. He who has mouth goes to Rome. that’s what I did. I believed in myself and I made it. He tried for many years and played small and big roles, but always struggled. Marie Claire,

Ten years living in the country and eight years investing in an artistic career. She says that, during this period, she began pursuing her goals through people who guided her to take tests and enhance them. network, “I have invested in my acting career for a long time and I know a lot of people in the industry. In the first two years after coming here, my focus was on the language. Then I started focusing more and meeting people who told me where they had tests, courses, people and resources that I could get into. It took a while, but I got it. I’ve been like this for a long time: meeting casting directors, agencies… It’s important to have these contacts to go to events. It’s all about having talent and meeting people, showing your face and being known, he explained.

Tina Haynes with her classmates in the movie ‘Barbie’ – Photo: Personal Archive

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“I got into the Barbie movie the same way I got into most jobs out here”

The opportunity to join the cast of Barbie came at the perfect time for Tina Haynes. She had recently returned from a trip after spending three months visiting her family in Brazil. The actress says that she had no work at that time and was shocked when she got the message. However, it was unclear which production would have been invited to audition. “I got into the Barbie movie the way I get into most jobs here: meeting people and my agents, who I’ve worked with for years. I just got back from Brazil and I got an email talking about the film. Usually, when it’s a really big movie, they don’t tell you the name of the production directly. I think it said ‘The Barbie Project’, I don’t remember exactly, and it was inviting me to audition for the role of Barbie. I didn’t know they were shooting the movie here, I thought it was only in the USA.

She accepted the invitation to participate in the selection process without showing off, after all, she needed to reorganize herself financially. “I imagined it would be more of a model thing, I really had no idea. It was my first job after three months and I thought, ‘Oh, it’s just another job, come on.’ I asked the agency what preparations I would need to make and they told me that they would let me know when I reach there. I prepared myself mentally, dressed up and was very beautiful. tested in Warner Bros.So I knew it was a big deal and it’s usually a movie.”

However, before the tests began, the models were informed that director Greta Gerving would head the selective. “At this point, I was in shock because I love his work. I think he is an incredible person. It worried me a little too.”

When directed towards the appraisal, he realized the grandeur of the production. “When I went there, there were a lot of models with acting experience and from different countries. He was not only physically, but extremely beautiful. I understood that competition to be beautiful would not be big because we all are beautiful. I also felt brave and started talking to him. There were women from different countries, white, brunette, black, red… I was the only one with short hair, most of them had long hair. When I got there, I came to know that it was a Barbie movie. The makers said they could not inform by email at that time and the director wanted us all to enter together, she would give all the coordinates”, she added. Tina still remembers Greta Gerving’s advice to models: “She wants us all to be relaxed. She wanted us to be just as we are with ideal posture, she explained before entering the room.

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Tina Haines on the set of ‘Barbie’ – Photo: Personal Archive

“I wore black to the audition because I thought it was a modeling casting”

Gradually Tina begins to realize what the test is about. She says she got worried, but went to her boyfriend to be reassured. “The producers said Greta would be in the room and I was in shock. I even called my boyfriend, who calmed me down. I asked a few girls if they’d heard her name and one of them said yes and we were probably auditioning to be one of the Barbies. It was at this point that I realized it was a big film;”

“We entered a very large ballet room and there were about 60 girls. They split it into two tests because there were so many people. The producer said, ‘I would like you to line up together and inside she (Greta) will direct.’ The room was full of mirrors and she was on the other side. At that time, very few girls entered and we were in a straight horizontal line and the director was on the other side. Greta had papers in her hand, I think it was casting and she was trying to identify the people she had chosen to audition. She thanked us for being there and said, ‘I don’t want you to feel nervous, I know most of you have a modeling background, but please be yourself. You are here for work, but I want to see who you are. I’m about to do a scene and I wanted them to improvise.”

The actress explains that the test involved improvising a happy situation with a model and the need was to keep it natural. That’s when Tina realized that the woman next to her spoke Portuguese. Hence, he came up with the idea of ​​acting as a “differentiator” in his own language. “When we all started, it got a bit jumbled up because everyone was talking at the same time, but despite the shock of ‘wow, look where I am’ I managed to concentrate! was surreal. The most emotional moment was when I turned to play with the girl next to me and realized her accent was different: She spoke Portuguese. I asked if she spoke Brazilian Portuguese and she said yes. I Thought: ‘Can we maybe talk in Portuguese?’ And then, we started talking in Portuguese. That’s when I relaxed.”

“Greta wasn’t just going close to everyone to listen in on the conversation, she wanted to see how we got on, how we talked. I took half the exam in English and half in Portuguese. It was so smooth and natural that I didn’t even feel I was acting. I was exactly as I am. I noticed that she was staring at us a lot and I realized that we were speaking another language. That was the one thing that set us apart. I was also dressed in black because I thought it was a modeling casting call. But I noticed that some girls used to know in advance what the exam was for by the way they dressed, put on make-up and did their hair.

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Tana Haines in a pink Barbie dress – Photo: Personal Archive

“Margot Robbie was very professional”

Long hours of testing paid off. Tina remembers that she returned home with positive feelings. And she was right. Two weeks after the selection process, a reply came by email that he had passed. “I signed a non-disclosure agreement and started recording in March. I played with many barbies. I had several fittings. In some tests, they said: ‘You’re going to be a barbie rocker, a policeman, a gardener…’ And then, when the next day came, everything changed. Greta had a very specific approach to each. We will wear the costumes and wait for Greta’s approval, if not approved, we will give it to someone else. Those were very long days, after getting dressed we were sent to get our hair and makeup done”, she recalls.

When all the characterization of Gudiya was ready and the director approved it, the actress started recording the scenes she had seen in the dream. He got the opportunity to work with big names of Hollywood like will farrell, Ryan Gosling, america ferrera it is margot robbie, “I had many scenes with him. It worked like this: We arrived on the day of recording and received the script with the scene. The sequence of that scene may continue in the coming days. Sometimes we had to do the same record, but from different angles.”

“Margot Robbie has always been very professional. The first scene we shot was more emotional. We don’t shoot linear sequences, so one week is the end, the next week is the middle… After shooting a few sequences, I got to know his style of working. Because they were all very intense. We were in the studio and she only came in when she was ready. So when she came in, it was already a very intense scene. We had to remain calm and quiet. She was always very polite and professional. It was a very respectful relationship. The cast of the film was yet to be announced and I acted with a lot of people which I had not even imagined. In my first days of recording, I acted with some of the actors from the series sex educationThe Emma McKay, nakuti gatwa it is conor swindells, It was not in the media. And it was a very interesting thing to be there and know that.

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Tina Haines details her characterization – Photo: Personal Archive

Tana Haines – Photo: Personal Archive

Tana Haines – photo: personal archive

Tana Haines during her portrayal – Photo: Personal Archive

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