Jorge Fernandez confesses to the number of roulette players he has contactedSD

Is jorge fernandez, Mr. Spain 1999 and mythical presenter Wheel of Fortune. Really, this contest Antena 3 It is still on the air and has a more than wonderful audience while distributing “little money” every day among your rivals by guessing the hidden panels on different topics and spinning the wheel.


Well, in addition to being the main character in Men’s Health magazine due to various news including the fact that he accepted the magazine’s challenge, Jorge Fernandez surprised in an interview with a confession. A healthy lifestyle made him into a consistently attractive man.

Wheel of Fortune

Even the past years, he is already 49, do not deprive him of showing off an enviable press and having a spectacular body. The most important thing about all this is that it remains, regardless of the aspectreally healthy thanks to his lifestyle, in which sport plays a big role.

Erotic confession of Jorge Fernandez

Let’s get to the topic. In the middle of an interview with Men’s Health, Jorge Fernandez surprised all readers with an erotic confession. In a conversation, he was asked if La Roulette de la Suerte had been around for over 15 yearssome contestant won his heart between throws and throws.

It is something. Jorge Fernandez treated the question with humor and was sincere: “What bastards! For 16 years, one, only one. I was a little hooked that if I go after the boat, I don’t know what, pim-pam, one thing will entail another and that’s all, ”he assured. “And no more, as some people think … that there were many more”he added.

Jorge Fernandez

Knowing that this answer will already go viral and that SUPER, among other things, will be an echo… he added. “When my girlfriend sees this, you’ll see… she still doesn’t know.”

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