What if you fall in love with death? Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins’ Acclaimed Film Reveals This

Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins star Do you know Joe Black? The film which premiered in 1998 and apart from showing a romantic story, it gives an example of how death works when it comes to visiting the earth to pick up a mortal being, but the story of a tour when it The narrative of obscurity becomes that life has great pleasures such as food and love.

In this play, there Death decides to take some leave but before going to dinner business person, make a deal with him; in exchange for a few more days Earth, should be his guide because he wants to find in him a perspective of life and he has chosen him for his experience and knowledge. The magnate accepts the offer and this decision makes death experience one of the most beautiful feelings of human life, Hey Amor!

Synopsis of ┬┐Knownsen by Joe Black?

Bill (Anthony Hopkins) is a loving priest and a millionaire The business man who had never thought about death until the morning develops a severe chest pain that makes him think about it for the next few days. Deathtop because it’s going to be turns 65What you have to constantly reflect on is your life journey, your achievements and your family.

After feeling those pains, I immediately started listening a voice He constantly talks and whispers that he will die soon, and even though he feels confused by what he hears, he knows that he will fall. little time to live, So that in the end, death appears and before it appears, he proposes to guide him through the world as he wants to enjoy the pleasures of the earth and try to understand why people cling so much to it. Are life,

La Muerte is willing to negotiate with Bill in exchange for being his guide. Photo: Amazon

Bill agrees to live a day earlier, which he takes advantage of to settle some of his pending issues, while he Death body of a person will be taken and called Joe Black (Brad Pitt), however, a man who finds life charmed, a few hours before he met the businessman’s daughter. Your conversation was brief but so hard that they fell arrow shot Immediately.

When the young woman meets Joe, she believes it to be the man inside her the coffee shop and confused he asks if he doesn’t wake up from her, Death tries to hide it from him but he can’t deny that he has been influenced by the young woman who will fall madly in love and warts have experienced it Feeling You have to complete your mission and return to where they live dead,

Death takes the body of a young man. Photo: Amazon

┬┐Technical Data of Konosen A Joe Black?

  • Director: Martin Brest
  • Production: Martin Brest, Celia D. Costas, Ronald L. Schwery, David J. Wally
  • Writers: Alberto Casella, Bo Goldman, Ron Osborne, Jeff Reno, Kevin Wade
  • Photography: Emmanuel Lubezki
  • Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Claire Forlani, Jake Webber, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeffrey Tambor
  • Country: United States
  • Year: 1998
  • Genre: Romantic Drama, Fantasy
  • Duration: 178 minutes
  • english language
  • Available on: Amazon Prime, Star Plus

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