What does the vagina know according to men?

According to scientific analysis, taste of vagina It can change depending on how the female is fed, in addition, naturally correct hygiene also affects. Yogurt, almonds, honey and some fruits like sandia, cranberry, grapes and pine nuts with pleasant smell and taste can help in keeping the vaginal flow in good condition.

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On the other hand, beverages and foods that contain strong concentrations, such as asparagus, onions, garlic, coffee, and alcoholic beverages, do not help much when it comes to bad odor.

Speaking of this curious topic, American television personality Kourtney Kardashian has a brand with which she sells pills that help improve the smell and taste of your intimate area. They are probiotics or chewable vitamins that are available in different forms, colors and flavours. According to the website, these gummies contain stabilized forms of Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969 and vitamin C, ingredients that help prevent urinary tract infections caused by bacterial ovaginosis.

What do men say on this subject?

Well, what is also curious, although not without reason necessary, is to know how men feel about the smell and taste of the vagina.

It’s worth bearing in mind that the vagina usually heals It has acidic pH, this makes its smell neutral, which means that neither Huel Bien nor Huel Mal, There are those who suggest that it tastes similar to vinegar, while others have reported that it has a bitter taste. But to be more precise, some men described what their girlfriends’ vaginas knew. idea list,

One of the participants assured that their partner’s vagina tasted “like the beach”, especially when referring to sand, salt, seaweed and marine life, while another subject described the taste as “jamon rebanado en accion de gracias”. ” told.

“You know how when a dog is kissing you. Best taste in the world”, expressed other men interviewed, while others compared the taste of vaginas to:

· milling cutter

Wine and Raisins

Shrimp with Butter

· fish


some passed by

But overall the interviewees spoke so kindly about the taste that some rated it negatively with the comment: “Basura. If you sweat a lot, let me explain, because this is a specific type of thrush. Do you know how to keep a paper bag full of ground coffee and orange peels in your kitchen on hot and humid summer mornings?”, mentioned one of them.

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Another was much more aggressive, revealing she had a taste of feces, this is what she said: “It’s beautiful and you have the body of a racing car, but I can’t believe Nadi Le Haya said how to do that.” Is” clean yourselves. Or maybe he said he cleaned himself from back to front. Down there is an overpowering smell of excreta like a brown cloud. Seriously, I would rather have the basura removed than have oral sex again.”

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