“We haven’t found a drug that works”

Claudette Dion opens up about the health condition of her sister who suffers from Stiff-Person Syndrome

claudet dionsister of Celine Diongave an update on the health status of the 55-year-old singer, who last year was diagnosed with Stiff-Person syndrome, a rare neurological condition that causes stiff muscles and painful spasms.

According to the artist’s sister, she is consulting with the best specialists, but without much success. “We haven’t found a drug that works, but hope is important,” Claudette told Le Journal de Montreal.

Claudette also said that the singer has the support of her family and is focused on getting better. “She’s always on the move, she’s always trying to be the best (…) but her heart and her body are trying to tell her something”, He said. “She is listening to the best researchers in the field of this rare disease as possible.”

There is no cure for the rare disease Celine suffered, and current treatments aim to improve the singer’s quality of life. In June of this year, Radar Online reported that Dion’s health had deteriorated and she may not return to the stage.

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