We have to accept the 56 year old mini skirt actress and the 39 year old heartthrob

Yes, There’s Too Much Photoshop on the ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover With Nicole Kidman. The actress was digitally freshened up and emaciated. But this is not the biggest controversy (overcorrection is almost normalized).

Uproar on social media regarding mini skirt. He found the piece “unfair” to the artist. Automatically translate: She’s too old to wear girlish clothing.

Nicole turned 56 in June. Why couldn’t she show her thighs? It is said that she “begged” him to wear the Miu Miu outfit. the reason? I wanted to “enjoy taking pictures”. How does one feel empowered to judge her and blame her for playing with her own image?

If repression is happening against a Hollywood actress, imagine the anonymous woman who dares to defy the dress code. ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that’… Those who fought for the liberation of the female body decades ago must have been horrified by today’s hypocrisy. There was a clear involvement.

Another recent case is that of Alexandre Slaveiro. A montage of ‘before and after’ went viral with a recent picture of the actor and another from the time of his heartbreak in Globo. Its form has been criticized. He got charged with taking better care of himself.

Did they think that he would not age? Did you want him to retain the image he had when he played Kiko in ‘Malhakao’ at the age of 20? Slaveiro will turn 40 in December. still beautiful. The beauty of a man who ages like no other. Perhaps they hoped he would be Dorian Grey, a literary character who makes a sinister pact to stay forever young.

Nicole and Alexandre were targets of ageism, age-related prejudice, whether towards older people or younger people. It affects celebrities and common people alike.

Brazil is aging (in 2030 we will be the fifth oldest population on the planet), however, society is increasingly demanding to look younger. Furthermore, it seeks to impose a certain behavior on people according to their chronological age.

The result of this reprehensible aesthetic dictatorship is people with artificial faces. sometimes distorted. The same pressure applies to figure: it can only be too thin (even at the expense of crazy diets and potentially dangerous drugs) or too obviously fit (‘pumped’, if you will).

Nicole Kidman’s miniskirt and Alexandre Slaveiro’s wrinkles are released. Everyone has the right to ‘get out of the box’ where they insist on keeping us.

Maybe we don’t wear suitable clothes and refuse Botox. What does it mean to live without freedom? It is not easy to face the progress of time. So it is better to do it lightly.

And anyone who attacks others’ image so seriously needs to look more closely in the mirror – they’re probably scared.

Nicole Kidman in 'Vanity Fair' essay and Alexander Slaveiro in photo that provoked reactions: Courage and aging lead to prejudice

Nicole Kidman in ‘Vanity Fair’ essay and Alexander Slaveiro in photo that provoked reactions: Courage and aging lead to prejudice

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