Victoria’s Secret confirms Doja Cat on #TheTour23 and the public reacts negatively; Look

Meanwhile, Doja is preparing to release a new album of unreleased material. The track “Attention” opened the project’s works. Photo: Sofia Malamute

many people don’t want to see doja cat Nor gilded, nor on top of a platform! In this Thursday (3)rapper was announced as the main attraction of the famous the parade From Victoria’s Secretfirst since 2018, Among those who didn’t quite like the lineup were internet users, who continue to disapprove of the singer’s latest attitude, which includes attacks and crimes against her own fans. It’s gone bad!

Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

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In addition to the women’s fashion show, which has already hosted artist performances in previous editions Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and FergieO! “Victoria’s Secret World Tour” there will be a harvest this year documentary, will be displayed through both prime video next day 26 September,

It is worth noting that, in 2019was associated with the brand jeffrey epstein, a financier was arrested on charges of abuse and sex trafficking. aim of scamsAt the time, the brand faced a steep decline in terms of public acceptance.



“corresponds well with Diva’s ‘cancellation’ era”mocked an internet user on the web. “Soon they will confirm Lizzo as well”prompted another, pointing to recent controversies involving the “About Damn Time” singer. “Can you imagine being in VSFS Marketing and inviting Doja? If they want negative marketing, they’ll get it.”A third gave their opinion.

“If you’re trying to get out of cancellation, you’re on the wrong track”the other reacted. “It’s back and it’s about to end again, okay”Said another comment.

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“Doja Cat is over”? Rapper loses thousands of followers after clash with fans

Photo: Hedi Slimane

It is good doja cat to keep “Attention” Because things are not going well in his favor… After discussing with his fan base on social networks in the last days of July, the rapper is losing thousands of followers, In addition to many fans leaving fan clubs dedicated to the artist, the general public has been criticizing the sound of “You’re Right” amid a series of controversies…

during the last few days 24 and 25 JulySoon after interacting with fans on Threads, it was speculated that the rapper had almost suffered 200 thousand followers On Instagram.

at the beginning of the outcome of the situation with him fanHe had 25.9 million followers. the number that came on the 25th was already 25.7 million, a few weeks ago, she accumulated over 26.2 million He is being followed by many users on the social network. Number of followers in Thursday (3 August)Is this 25.6 million,

The fact is, since Doja As one controversy begins to swirl, in recent weeks, the figures for follower loss have become even more stark – and the public is following each and every development.

Photos: Instagram

Some fans of the “Been Like This” singer believe she will publicly back down from it. On the other hand, most people defend the idea that the artist will remain on the defensive He is getting embroiled in more and more controversies.

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