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Venezuela wins the “Copa America” ​​of expatriates in Ciudad Juárez

Migrants from other countries attend soccer “Copa America” ​​matches on the border of Ciudad Juárez in northern Mexico, a tournament as a way to distract themselves while waiting for a date to move to the United States. The competition was organized by the Instituto del Deporte de Ciudad Juárez and included immigrants living in city hostels coming from El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Cuba and Venezuela, whose team Won the tournament. It is a tournament of expatriates representing eight countries (…). It is one of the many activities we are looking for for integration between the migrant population and the local population”, said Santiago Gonzalez, director of the municipal hostel, to AFP. . I explained that the migrants were happy to participate, even Even in order to complete selections from countries that do not have much of a football tradition, such as Cuba, players from other nationalities had to be called. For many of the migrants trapped in the border town, the tournament was an opportunity for asylum in the United States. It was a way to distract myself while waiting for a quote to be able to apply. – “Salir de la rutina” – “Me gusta mucho el fútbol (…), from como uno se sal de la rutina y Destruct un poco la mente por so much enciero, so much estres de la sita”, said Jose Alejandro Colina, 26, of Venezuela. United States. His compatriot Joiner Uribe, 25, is also of the opinion that the tournament should transcend the United States. as a way to distract ourselves while waiting to be able to do sports. “For us, it’s like skipping a routine of doing sports, beginning to cause mental fatigue,” he said. American sweats, we already have It’s a long month at this crossing”, Apostillo. The Instituto del Deporte de Ciudad Juárez provided the football field, uniforms, as well as trophies and medical service. Before the tournament, Colombia’s selection offered a prayer. And 18-year-old Venezuelan player Alejandro Matos had to have his pants cut because he didn’t have pants to play in. The tournament ended with a victory for Venezuela, who had won a penalty round against their Guatemalan counterpart, to celebrate with the cup as if the Copa América was real. In March, a fire at a migrant detention center in Ciudad Juárez killed 39 people.bur-yug/st/es

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