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The weekend is finally here – let’s relax? Soaking up the sun, going out to lunch and watching a movie at the cinema are always some of our favorite activities, but there’s nothing better than sitting back and listening to all the news from the fashion world. music Bring it to us! and this week is sure to be full HITS who are already in Repeat, since launch new music baby rexa in partnership with David Guetta, even an album to respect caetano veloso, So, nothing better than us bringing you a collection of new hits that you need to hear this weekend, right? Check it out:

New Songs from Our Favorite Artists

And as always, our playlist with the week’s releases is packed with news from all music genres. We have selected the best tracks for you to stay on top of all the hits and have a great weekend. Follow our Spotify profile and enjoy.

You can listen to these unreleased singles and many other hits of the week on our playlist of releases of the week! check out:

One in lakhs

Our Favorite DJ Is Back With Another DJ Kill Which is already on our party playlist! baby rexa it is David Guetta joined forces for the second time and released an unreleased single One in lakhs, following their first partnership, which received a nomination for grammy and crossed 2 billion streams, fans were already expecting another hit of the year, and she performed! The track features an explosive rhythm accompanied by mind-blowing beats, powerful vocals and piano by Bebe Rexha.

Ok! (Remix)

After rocking all social networks and topping the national charts for several days, the hit Ok! Of mc kevin o chris it is from Dj Dennis Colombian singers return with a rendition Karol ji it is MalumaTo make the incomparable rhythm of carioca funk even more infectious.

The bubblegum musical that has captured the hearts of many on the internet, its composer has also been embroiled in several controversies. Shortly after the release of the clip and remix version, Kevin O’Chris’ manager, dudoo trawlerPublished several criticisms of DJs sharing authorship with MC.

Dudu claims that Dennis and Kevin would have invited International Partnerships to re-record the song and clip, but Kevin would have been cut in several scenes, leaving him dissatisfied with the result of the work. ,I’ve been troubling you for years, because from the beginning you don’t help anyone, you don’t fight for funk”, Dudu shot back. The businessman also announced that he is attempting to broadcast the clip which has been viewed over 1 million times so far. keyed up!

go Go go

One of R&B’s most iconic voices, jorja smith revealed his third single call go Go gowhich will be part of his next album, which is named fall or fly, Jorja continues to raise her vocal bar even higher and several works have been critically acclaimed, such as lost Foundreleased in 2018,

Her next release is due out on 29th September and it promises tons of visuals and of course Jorja’s big voice.

wrong environment

everyone trusts Luan Santana When it comes to releasing hit movies. In this new release, it is called wrong environment, Sertanejo’s beloved brings a song full of proofs of love for a very jealous person. This is definitely one of the people you want to be dancing with all the time.


A iza She’s back, from queen to greek goddess! After dropping several songs in February the singer released her second studio album – titled afrodhit, The production includes 13 brand new tracks, which incorporate R&B, rap, lovesongs and a bit of funk, to honor the Brazilian roots.

afrodhit comes with many breathtaking musical collaborations like Arthur Verrokai, Russo Paspuso, L7non and JongaAnd of course, its partnership began in recent weeks mc carol, believe in lunatics, And the wait for this album was worth it, we can’t stop listening to it!

almost not dating

Juliet it is marina army teamed up for the first time with solo almost not dating, blending their two styles together for a song about breaking free from strings. The song is an anthem about self-love and being content with yourself, featuring a catchy melody and a video directed by Future. Felipe Sassi, The track will be featured on Juliette’s new album, hurricane,

how we roll

Chris Brown it is ciara teamed up to release a single how we roll, which came with an exotically choreographed music video! This is the first collaboration of the artists in 14 years after the success of turntablesWhich was released in 2009. The song is part of Ciara’s new EP, which will be released on August 18. ciciand it has a beat electro pop With the incredible vocals of the singer.

paint the town red

doja cat have also joined this week’s releases with their new single, paint the town redwhich has a devilish and acidic aesthetic for a new age of rappers – which many have linked to Doja’s recent conduct with her fans on social media. The track was accompanied by a clip, in which the singer shows she is death’s best friend, with sinister landscapes inspired by three paintings made by the rapper.

Furthermore, the clip also shows him as an avatar of Satan, who appears as a dark creature with horns. I wonder what’s next in Doja’s plans?

zande canta veloso

singer zande de pilares decided to honor caetano veloso Releasing the album, on the eve of MPB legend’s 81st birthday zande canta veloso, The project brings together 10 songs by Veloso in his own voice, including new musical arrangements. Serinha’s Little Black, An unexpected tribute for sure, but one that has already left a mark on our hearts, hasn’t it? album contains songs like st george moon, Dear it is real diamond,

Good good

someone else asked Kill Together Feat, assistant teacher, 21 Savage it is summer walker Come together to form an impressive partnership with the phenomenal singles, Good good, The track gives glimpses of pristine beauty assistant teacher, with a pop, romantic and even soothing beat. They’re definitely already part of our playlist!


after shining on the big screen Ariel in Disney’s latest live-action, The Little Mermaid (2023)actress and singer halle Courtyard released his first solo project, called angel – A very intimate track, but one that promises to show the world just how versatile and powerful our latest princess’s talents can be.

Before taking on the role of the famous red-haired princess of the sea, she and her sister, chloereleased several hits with the duo to their name: chloe x halle, It has the true voice of an angel!

take me

One of the most admired figures in the Brazilian music scene, mainly in the Northeast, has demonstrated his love for the memories of the past. singer from recife johnny hooker Comes shaking up all structures with his new single take meIn celebration of the 20th anniversary of his career.

Hooker was eager to not only honor fans with a timeless single after so many in music, but also to honor the life of a great friend and colleague. Andre Soares, who died as a result of symptoms of COVID-19. Memories of Johnny and his friends can be seen on the cover of this exciting single.


black uchis One of the great highlights of Latin music this year. After hitting their last album, Called red moon in venussingle feature Moonlight On the main music charts, she returns with a partnership with el alpha it is JT.

Eve, wife of Psyche and Bluebeard

They thought only rock survives Demi Lovato, he and the kpop group le seseraphim showed that great successes sound like cool for summer it is heart attack Still knows how to excite pop lovers.

Going for a completely different proposition from what Demi has presented in her latest releases, Demi declared herself to be the No. 1 fan of Le Seraphim’s girls, in addition to being a huge lover of K-pop.

Besides rock and pop, will we see Demi take a chance on any other rhythm? Looking forward to your next release.

several HITS And albums to enjoy that we don’t even know where to begin!

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