The Surprising Stats The ‘Titanic’ Child Gets For Every Year He Says One Sentence

Despite the fact that the Titanic sank more than a century ago Titanic When Oscar turns twenty-five, the unsealed boat is updated following the accident of the Gano Sus, the Titan, a private submarine that had gone to visit his young child. Netflix Took the opportunity to add starring film dicaprio or winslet for its American catalogue, an opportunism that has been valid in some criticisms of the platform. in spain, Titanic available in movistar plus and n disney plus,

Largometrije D James Cameron Recado, at its peak, grossed around one thousand nine hundred million dollars worldwide. However, perhaps its popularity is better served by the fact that, to celebrate its 25th anniversary, its premiere in 2023, this major cine boudoir will have more than seventy million dollars in its coffers. In Spain, Cameron’s film became the second most watched film in cinemas, just behind…Another Cameron film: Avatar 2: Sense of Water,

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Titanic'.
Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Titanic’.

Pay Day!

Talk Titanic Therefore, it is talking about the absorbed corners and the source of inexhaustible benefits. and you know it very well Reece P. Thompson,

“Pay Day, Muchachos!” this sentence that screamed bill paxton Searching for shipwrecks at sea aboard the Titanic shouldn’t be an agena at all for one of her many shared partners: Reece P. Thompson.

El por entences was near young Reis, while running Titanic, five years. Apart from other things, you may not even know the name of that actor, because this was his first and last film. We can even help you decide what your character will be called in the movie: IMDb believes Reece to be an “Irish kid.”

Joel and Ethan Coen.

just three scenes and one sentence: In the world of interpretation it is all thanks to Rees P. Thompson. However, his adventure in Hollywood has been very profitable: In an interview for business InsiderThompson recounts that, more than twenty-five years ago, his agent called him with two offers: an advertisement and a Great Speculation film.

Reece Thompson on 'Titanic'
Reece Thompson on ‘Titanic’

Although it seems hard to believe, the most desirable thing was the first: less work and a respectable environment. However, Reece’s mother pushed her son towards the Titanic. In it, Thompson says only these words: “What are you doing, mom?”, Also, the actor is not very satisfied with his work, as he had to adopt an Irish accent and was born in the United States. It appears that Cameron didn’t care or hate a good scene.

Pictures from 'Elektra' and 'Deadpool'

Months later, Reece must have been glad her mother had come forward. Titanic In the ad: Overall, the young actor has us accused thirty thousand euros at a benefit for his appearance in the film. And there it all does not end. Every year, the bank account of Thompson, who works at Digital Display, receives an amount between doscientos and the right of the three dollars, Which leads us to ask ourselves: How much will DiCaprio continue to charge?

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