The Rock says Black Adam 2 wasn’t possible because of DC’s new “leaders”

In a new interview on Kevin Hart’s show, “Hart to Hart,” Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson talks about the rise and fall of Black Adam.

The film, which premieres in 2022, was supposed to mark the beginning of a new phase in Warner Bros.’s DC universe. You face off against Johnson and Henry Cavill as Superman. However, shortly after its launch, DC Studios experimented with a change in its leadership, which led to the cancellation of Black Adam 2.

Johnson explained that Black Adam was affected by the change in leadership at DC Studios and that, given the film’s positive points, he did not fully understand why the project was cancelled.

Despite a successful $67 million opening and surpassing this year’s “The Flash”, the film failed to maintain its performance and did not reach the $400 million mark worldwide.

Johnson compared the cancellation of “Black Adam” to a new owner who joins an American football team and decides to replace the coach and field marshals, regardless of how successful they have been in the past.

Although Johnson acknowledged that the film received criticism, he highlighted that audience scores were high and that he made every effort to present the best possible film.

In December, Johnson advertise on social networks that “Black Adam 2” was not on the immediate stage, but that they would continue to explore ways to use the character in future chapters of the DC Multiverse.

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