The Green Goblin used Iron Man’s armor!

With the launch of Spider-Man: No Way Home, new concept art has surfaced. They also include the Green Goblin with Iron Man’s armor!

art book of Spiderman: No Way HomeIt came out a bit late, realizing that the film will release in 2021. But it looks like the wait was worth it, as it was packed with a lot of phenomenal content. It offers a perspective on how the final result shown in theaters could have been different, and includes the version of Duende Verde.

In some of the pictures that can be found, we can see some designs that give Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin a significant revamp with his own Iron Man armor.

The film’s art book images refer to Dafoe’s Norman Osborne. Stark Industries combat drone seen standing over far from home, Ataviado con su armor sin el hal. On his chest and arms, fragments of the Mark VI are embedded in the arc reactor view of his breast. The second image shows the personality in a similar pose with costume pieces, but these are painted green and brown, which fits in with the original color palette of the Green Goblin, and includes pieces of Iron Man’s armor. Are. for the feet.

You can see the continuation:

green goblin 1 iron man iron green goblin

Si Bien’s Norman Osborne dons a new outfit for his return Spider-Man: No Way Home, Its nature is very less technical. He wears only his traditional armor pieces with a purple cap, hood, and welding gaff. It is currently unknown why the suit influenced by Iron Man technology did not appear in the film. But I think it’s an end goal of the series armor warIn which James Rhodes War Machine must retrieve the stolen Stark technology.

new version of green goblin de defoe

Dafoe shared his thoughts at the time on why No Way Home’s creative team redesigned the Goblin’s look. The actor believes his costume was changed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe because of the criticism he received when he first appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man., “We’ve heard enough of it, maybe to consider, change it a bit”, Explained, “I don’t think so because I don’t think I’ll get emotional with my face. My face follows my heart. It is just an expression of what you feel”.

no way to go home i might be too apart

As shown by other concept art that can be found in the book, the film could be very different, as we can find an alternate design of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, similar to the one that appears in the film, but This has been the removal of the blue, with the red and gold that they wore on the Trepamuros in the Civil War comics.

no way home for spiderman

spider man civil war

Ned’s Anticipo like El Duende

Other concept art shows MJ with Doctor Strange’s cape, as well as Ned uploaded onto the Green Goblin glider, wearing a hooded sweatshirt, and with a Green Goblin bomb in his hand, which Peter There is an obvious Guino to the villain who plays K’s friend. , even though it is not known, maybe in the fourth installment of Holland’s Spider-Man we saw him transform into Duende, a phrase he said to Ned on Garfield and Maguire’s trapdoors that his best friends in his universe are finally They become their enemies, (in both Harry becomes the Green Goblin).

Will Ned be a ghost in Spider-Man 4? Zendaya with Dr. K's cape.  Strange

Other concepts include alternate designs for Peter’s nanotechnology while wearing the ascent suit.

spider-belt spider-belt

Book Spider-Man: No Way Home – The Art of Film You can buy it via Amazon at this link.

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