The Age-Defying Hair Cut That Gives You 20 Years ‘From Plumazzo’

7/30/2023 at 6:02 am


Over the past few days, a ‘hair theory’ has gone viral, explaining something that every hairdresser says and everyone knows: The way we cut or comb our hair Completely transforms our face.

A video by user @lov3h8 where you show how you change your appearance using different ways of grooming yourself Fur has given way to a whole stream that has made this reflection triumphant.

for the people who want to look younger than their age, Hair theory is a good resource to get rid of years on top: It has always been known that haircuts in women help to look more youthful but Concrete has a profile that illuminates parts of the face and hides wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Haircut trends to look younger this spring 2023

the hairstyle that’s killing it One of those who want to look younger than their age is the “cropped” cut.: a method of cutting hair with an immediate ‘anti-aging’ effect that combines a length that does not exceed the average hair length and a certain shaved effect.

‘cropped’ cuts are a mix between Shag and mullet, a type of bob or micro bob cut that manages to enhance Mucho El Cuello And stylize the jaw and visually mark the bottom line of the head. This haircut became popular thanks to actresses like Anya Taylor-Joy.

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