Taylor Swift gives almost R$500,000 bonus to truck drivers on her tour

Can you imagine getting any surprises? bonus Up to 20 times larger than normal? That’s what happened to the truck drivers who worked Taylor Swift’s last US tour. At the end of the series of concerts in the stadiums, he was surprised with a bonus of approximately R$500 thousand.

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Generous checks were distributed during the event as a way of thanking them for their effort and dedication. The artist’s father, Scott Swift, made a surprise visit to Showmotion Trailer Company and presented checks for US$100,000 (about R$480,000) to each of the truck drivers who took part in the tour.

The bonus was unexpected and impressed the employees, who initially did not believe the value of the gift. The company’s CEO, Michael Sherkenbach, explained that bonuses typically range between $5,000 and $10,000, making $100,000 an unbelievable amount for most workers.

This generous bonus can make a significant difference in the lives of truck drivers, and can be used to pay for a home down payment or their children’s education, as the value matches the cost of an entire degree in the United States .

Bonus of almost BRL 500 thousand reaches other professionals as well

In addition to the truck drivers, other team members involved in the tour also benefited from bonuses provided by Taylor Swift. According to the TMZ portal and the American CNN, total distribution exceeded an impressive US$55 million (about R$264 million), benefiting sound technicians, suppliers, stagehands, supporting musicians and dancers.

“The Eras Tour” is still in its final stages in the United States, but will soon be leaving for Mexico. In November, Taylor Swift will head down to Brazil for six performances in different cities across the country.

The artist’s generous attitude shows her recognition and gratitude for the hard work of all the professionals involved in the production of her tour, which is a testimony to her care for the team that accompanies her to her productions. It’s worth remembering that this is one of the biggest music tours in recent US history and was cited in a 2023 report by the country’s central bank as key to “getting the economy moving”.

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