Taylor Swift gives $100,000 to every truck driver who helps her on tour

Taylor Swift to tour Brazil at the end of the year. Photo: Playback/Instagram @taylorswift

singer taylor swift Expressed my gratitude to the production team of “The Eras Tour”. According to sources close to the artist, Taylor gave a bonus of US$100,000 (about R$480 thousand) to each of the truck drivers working on the tour as recognition for their work and dedication in transporting the show’s equipment. ,

The information was confirmed by TMZ last Saturday (29) during a presentation in Santa Clara, California, USA, when Taylor personally distributed bonus checks to the approximately 50 truckers who were part of the team. The total amount of the generous gesture is over US$5 million (about R$24 million).

Taylor’s initiative is considered a “tour-of-tour bonus”, as the US leg nears its end, before the singer leaves for a series of performances in Mexico.

The pop artist’s tour has been a true phenomenon, with sales reaching US$1 billion (about R$4.8 billion). In addition to the truck drivers, other members of the production team—such as musicians, dancers, and technicians—were also awarded generous bonuses. Prices were not disclosed. (Folhapres)


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