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“Go see Captain America, not Chris Evans”

Quentin Tarantino’s opinions are known to be very intense and hyperbolic, even though they always come from an almost obsessive knowledge of pop culture. i’m not gonna give it up Suya’s statements cause controversy around MarvelEspecially in front of its actors, who declared that they were not really cine stars outside the ecosystem of the Cinematographic Universe.

Extreme suena, but not really misguided iba. in an interesting part of the new YorkerJournalist Michael Schulman reviews from different angles How Marvel Studios’ Big Project Has Swallowed Hollywood, including the most visible faces that make it up. A very different reference to the first superhero adaptation, where the film super man Stars like Marlon Brando or Gene Hackman needed to get their attention.

Now, with the exception of Timothée Chalamet and Leonardo DiCaprio since the second warned the former not to “do hard drugs and make superhero movies”, Marvel Studios You can cast any actor in your role, From seasoned stars who land small roles of gurus or villains who are there for a short period of time, to young faces who act for multiple films adding up to those films starring in punctual cameos.

A great performance with few advantages

An agent representing several of UCM’s artists clarifies the reason that drives these interpreters to this ecosystem It’s very reminiscent of the old Hollywood studio system, where actors rotated into different productions that the great studios put together. “At some point you have a feeling of being relevant,” the representative explains, and films provide the best exposure possible.

But that’s it That doesn’t necessarily translate into more successes from Marvel., Except for those who were the first one, new Marvel actors aren’t going to be movie stars like everyone else, starring in projects that people want to see. Another actor’s agent pointed out in the article, “It amazes me that almost none of them have careers outside the Marvel universe”, hinting that the claims to the audience at this point are Captain America and Chris Evans, who have had some success outside Dell UCM. , Something that new Captain Anthony Mackie already knows, who has already made his point by saying that no one will see him in a movie until he plays Falcon.

How to watch Marvel movies and series in chronological order, including ‘Secret Invasion’

Including Robert Downey Jr. Despite featuring one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Tom Holland has difficulties. This agent explains, “Movies don’t work. They’re one disaster after another.” One reason for this is the gradual disappearance of mediocre films, thrillers or romantic comedies, in which stars could act more than in big blockbusters, and they were consolidated as stars. On the rare occasions where Holland or Evans can star in a medium-sized film, it does below expectations, so the alternative is to try starring in another franchise. This could be an even bigger failure, as he turned to Downey Jr. Thief dolittle,

But these actors don’t complain That’s not a problem for Marvel, At least for the moment. One analyst compares them to Apple, where “they go hand in hand with their consumers emotionally”. In the same way that some people focus all of their technology on a certain brand of equipment, some viewers are perfectly content that their consumption of movies and series is primarily made up of Marvel, because of its loyalty and attention to detail. gives rewards. Something that may disappoint, that is, the great public that does not follow all the news every day, and may within a few years accept the greater challenge of the studios. And there it is possible that you may not have stars to turn to.

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