Sofia Vergara files court request for prenuptial agreement

Last week Joe Manganiello filed his divorce papers from sofia vergarain a Los Angeles court, citing that the reason for the separation was “irreconcilable differences”. Now the 51-year-old actress has filed a request with a judge to monitor her divorce “to comply with the terms of the prenuptial agreement” they signed before the wedding.

It is not known whether there was any drama surrounding the deal, but the fact that Vergara made this request in court shows his effort to protect his assets.

According to “People” magazine, she also asked the judge to confirm that “certain property” should remain with her, including artwork and “other personal belongings.”

According to the publication, “Sofia listed the earnings she earned before and during the marriage as her assets.”

Sofia and Joe announced their surprise split in a joint statement last month.

While multiple sources assure that the former couple had been practically living apart for about a year, Sofia was unhappy that her marriage didn’t work out.

“She is sad that her marriage didn’t work out, but still feels very happy. She has a great life with the one she loves. She is currently living at her house and Joe is living elsewhere.

prenuptial agreement

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello signed a prenuptial agreement before their wedding to protect their fortune. The former “Modern Family” actress has a personal net worth of US$180 million (R$868 million), while the actors each have US$40 million (R$192 million) of their own and will each leave the marriage with his wife. Related fate, as they had no children.

According to the magazine “OK!” The marriage had not been working for some time and the best decision was to separate.

Sofia also visited her ex-husband on the sets of his new project a few days before leaving for a holiday trip to Italy with a group of friends. There the judgment had already been fulfilled. While this came as a shock to many, sources close to the stars claimed that their relationship had turned sour for some time.

“Sofia and Joe had been separating for some time (…) they were already living separate lives. They have spent time apart focusing on themselves, their careers and their loved ones,” added a second source.

“Sofia is giving it her all for her new beauty brand ‘Toti’ and she is very involved and excited about it. She hosted an event in late June at her home in Los Angeles to celebrate the launch, and who wasn’t there. An insider said, “She even had a framed picture of the two of them kissing in the bedroom of her house.”

As Vergara is enjoying a European vacation, the “True Blood” and “Magic Mike” actor filed divorce papers on Wednesday, July 19, just two days after the couple confirmed their separation.

They cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split, according to documents obtained from The New York Post’s “Page Six” column.

Court documents confirmed that the former couple had a prenuptial agreement, and that each couple would keep their respective assets during the marriage.

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