Selena Gomez’s friend clarifies whether she was coerced into donating a kidney to singer Jovem Pan

Francia Raisa denies she was pressured to donate kidney to Selena Gomez

Actress Francia Raisafriend of Selena Gomez, clarified the recent rumors that he was pressured into donating his kidney to the singer. The artist explained that he was not forced into anything and made this decision on his own. “I just felt it in my heart. I knew it was relevant. I knew it was going to happen. Nobody forced me to do anything. It comes from the true goodness of my heart,” the “How I Met Your Father” actress announced on the “Good Guys” podcast. When Selena was diagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease, she learned that she would need a kidney transplant due to complications of the disease.

Francia, who had been friends with the singer for over a decade at the time and lived with her, decided to have a test to find out if she could be a donor. When she found out that he was an accomplice, she wanted to help her friend. The transplant took place on June 19, 2017, and both Selena and Francia tattooed the date on their arms. Last year there were rumors that the friends had differences, as the actress’s father said that his daughter had a fight with the star of “Only Murders in the Building” because she often drank. However, it looks like the friends have already figured it out because about a week ago, Selena posted a post wishing Francia a happy birthday.

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