renaissance | We Pick the 7 Best Songs From Beyoncé’s 7th Album

exactly one year ago, legendary beyoncé The world of music returns with the release of the much-anticipated album ‘Renaissance’,

powered by an incredible mix of house, saliva, disco, stink, R&B, dance And in many other genres, compilations of originals became a critical success (besides making our list). best of the year it is best of the century), also reached the top Billboard 200 In your first week. More than that, Beyoncé opened up an opportunity for the celebration of African-American culture in a hedonistic and empowering narrative.

To celebrate the album’s first anniversary, we’ve put together a short list listing your seven best songs,

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7. “Cozy”

“comfortable” stays true to tropical housebut makes room for Slap and for deep House Through a precise and confident vocal delivery (which isn’t too surprising considering the gorgeous performances Beyoncé has delivered over the past decade). The lyrical construction is based on empowerment and liberation while talking about sisterhood and self-acceptance.

6. “Cuff It”

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“Cuff It” included in a classic ready disc Destined to transport its fans to lounge under a mirrored globe and brush off the strobe lights of the ballad (a choice worthy of being in each one) playlist, Although it was not released Lonely Officially, the song has become a fan favorite and has taken off impressively chart spawned viral challenges around the world and on social networks.

5. “Break My Soul”

“Break My Soul” holds undeniable importance to the musician’s career and his claim on black culture. But WayMany references are brought together in the excellent and concise beginning of this new era of the artist, for example, the participation of the 1990s crystal water and the lively nostalgia of Steve Angelo. And, despite not synthesizing an immediate originality, Beyoncé doesn’t abandon the stylistic characteristics that put her in the limelight and takes the opportunity to turn marketing inflections into a lyrical and functional narrative (You won’t break my soul, I’ll tell everyone,

4. “Summer Renaissance”

It’s hard to pick one song as the best ‘Renaissance’, because each one is exquisitely and carefully crafted. However, the finale of this synth journey is nothing short of amazing: entitled “Summer Renaissance”whose well-known Beyoncé quirks are projected by the classic “I feel Love”Honoring the Partnership Between the Immortal Father of Summer and Disco giorgio moroderThe Way wrapped in an expression high nrg breathtaking.

3. “Virgo’s Groove”

“Girl’s Groove” It was considered not only one of the best songs in the production, but one of the best entries in Beyoncé’s career. Driven by the constant explosion of construction, disco it is stink, is a tribute to the 70s and 80s without resorting to tired chronology – but rather a delightfully nostalgic originality. Applause also goes to the creator Dreamwho does remarkable work Way,

2. “Pure/Honey”

‘Renaissance’ It became a phenomenon when it was finally released for Beyoncé fans, once again reiterating the sheer versatility of one of history’s greatest artists. And, as you’d expect, choosing the best songs within this immaculately compiled canon is no easy task; However, it is noteworthy how “pure honey” This is one of those entry doors which steals our attention due to its showy and elegant construction electro House it is neo-disco (which is summed up by the honorable verse “It costs a billion to look this good”,

1. “Alien Superstar”

The album, the first chapter of an ambitious sonic trilogy, has already risen to the status of best of the decade (at least in the opinion of the person who spoke to you) and honored black culture with an anthemic celebration. house, saliva it is from disco, and among many songs, “Alien Superstar” Its impeccable production and the explosive nature of its textures draw our attention to the power of the synthesizer, voguing and of ballrooms Brooklyn’s in the 70’s and 80’s (“When you perform, all eyes are on you; when I wear, all eyes are on me”,

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