Olivia Rodrigo + Lil Uzi Vert + Charli XCX + Jessie and more

Select music from the Nueva era from this Vernes Olivia Rodrigo and your theme vampire, album pink tape In lil uzi vertand the subject of charli xcx for the soundtrack of the film barbie, Also we will listen Play, new single from Jessie, a very interesting topic from chromioa power song by the chileans mariners Topic Amarte Asi and many more. Let’s get started!

1. Olivia Rodrigo, vampire

new age Olivia Rodrigo I officially start the day with the arrival of your new single, Vampire. According to a press release, Vampire “is infused with a sense of maturity and bold confidence”, and Rodrigo co-wrote the song. Daniel Negro, who also collaborated with Tart, Each poem details an abusive relationship, reflecting the torture the young artist endured with a pair of bloodsuckers. The director of the song has come up with a video Petra Collins.


2. Lil Uzi Vert pink tape

lil uzi vert I’m back with a new album pink tape. it is a continuation of eternal attack from 2020 and ep red White Last year. With 22 tracks, the appearance of the disc is Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, Bring Me the Horizon, Don Tolliver or babymetaljust like a classic cover Chop Suey! In system of a Down. In a trailer published earlier this week, Uzi is seen fighting a villain to get back his pink diamond, a $30 million jewel that was unearthed in front of him in real life in February 2021.

3. Charli XCX, speed drive

charli xcx share today speed drive, your contribution to the soundtrack of barbie, In Greta Gerwig. La Pista, produced by easy funinterpolates Hey Mickey! In Tony Basil With Charlie’s classic greeting cards: electronic melodies and powerful bass that will make you jump red traffic lights at 160 kph. soundtrack of barbie has inspired a slew of standout singles so far, and with executive production Mark Ronson, The album will also feature HAIM, Tame Impala, Dominic Fike Even more Ryan Gosling in proper title i’m just ken, The soundtrack will be available for sale on July 21, the same day as the film starring margot robbie Go to the cinemas.


4. JC®, Play

Jesse Rutherford, lead singer of neighborhood, You have had time to release some themes as a solo artist for a few months Jessie®, and after sharing the sensilo rainbow or clownToday is another day: it comes Playcomes with a music video directed by Joe jack secularAnd where we can appreciate this new musical side of the singer, whose sound is more pop and optimistic in this new phase.


5. Chrome, (I don’t need A) new girl

it’s coming and chromio You Know: That’s Why Today is back with its third single from 2023, a high-energy electro-pop song titled (I don’t need a) new girl, Filled with synthesizer covers, funky electric guitars and a disco rhythm that celebrates a new found love and lets be honest, sounds like the perfect bop for summer. this fall, chromio It’s off tour, so we’re waiting for bad news from a new record soon.


6. Marines, Amarte Asi

chile couple mariners Topic brought up today love aasi which they define as catharsis. This power ballad, inspired by ’90s rock and fading illusions of reality, is the last single released by Sole y Ser from their second album, In the heat of the sun that has just died, Whose launch date will be announced in the coming weeks. Music & Lyrics Directed by Antonia Sanchez A video has been filmed, which highlights the theme as well as its over-cooked nature through gloomy white-and-black visuals.

7. Anjimile, Father

Anjimile sled this week Father, the ending theme of their next album King, It is a continuation of the theme that gives the album its title. On the track, the folk artist in Binary explained that he wrote the track “thinking about my father as a kind of gesture of gratitude and love for all that he did before, during, and after he went into rehab.” Later tried to support me.” In early 2016”, it shared in a statement. “Thanks, Mom and Dad”, King Sale from 8th September to 4AD.


8. Mattie Noyce, Atmosphere and Applepie

singer-songwriter from los angeles, Matthew Noycereleased a valuable lyric visualizer for his new single this week, titled, Atmosphere and Applepie, Noyce explained in a statement that Sensillo “embodies the energy of someone who’s never fit the norm but because of that shit. It’s about taking risks. For me, it’s about leaving a small town and Had to chase my dreams against the wind and the sea. In short, this song is about all my friends who hook up with my Adderall. But it’s also very light. Inspired by Latin pop. One to dance to The song is perfect for summer”. Atmosphere and Applepie This is the second single from Matty’s next project, Rainbow Syndrome.

9. Holly Humberstone, Antichrist + Room Service

Holly Humberstone announced their next debut album today, paint my bedroom black with its lead single. According to a press release, Humberstone’s debut represents the multitalented singer who has become an aspiring pop star unaware of her parents’ piano playing. “I feel like two different people. Humberstone explains, “My biggest challenge is always to do something that feels like nothing I’ve done before, that reflects new parts of me.” single out, Antichrist or room service.

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